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Iran wins Asia Greco-Roman wrestling championship


Source: Press TV

Iran's Greco-Roman wrestling team at the 2012 Asian Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships, held in Gumi, South Korea, on February 17, 2012.

Iran's Greco-Roman wrestling team has finished in first place at the 2012 Asian Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships, winning three gold medals, one silver, and one bronze.

The Iranian team won the Men's Greco-Roman division, held in Gumi, South Korea on Friday, with 54 points.

China came second with 51 points while South Korea finished at the third place with 47 points.

Iran's Greco-Roman wrestling team

Habibollah Akhlaghi defeated the Uzbek wrestler Besiki Saldadze in the 84kg class and claimed gold for the Iranian team. Hadi Alizadeh Pournia also beat Takehiro Kanakubo from Japan and scored the gold medal in the 74kg weight class.

Meanwhile, Davoud Gilnirang seized the third gold after trouncing Xiao Di from China in the 96kg category.

Afshin Biabangard won the silver in the 66kg category, while Mohammad Ghorbani also grabbed the bronze in the 120kg weight class.

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