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1st Triennial Iranian Studies Conference in Oslo


The Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies (SSIS) is pleased to announce the program for the 1st Triennial Iranian Studies Conference. The Conference will take place March 30 at the University of Oslo, Norway.

About: The Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies (SSIS) aims to foster and advance Iranian Studies in Scandinavia, to encourage and facilitate scholarly exchange amongst its membership, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning diverse aspects of Iranian civilization. The Society promotes high standards of scholarship in the field and encourages the teaching of Iranian Studies, particularly Persian language and literature, at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the Scandinavian countries.

The SSIS was initiated as an interdisciplinary scholarly society in 2010 by the Founding President Ashk Dahlen. The Society has some hundred members in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic States.

The aims of cross-disciplinary interaction and cross-fertilisation within the Society are reflected in the closeness of philology, linguistics, history, and religious studies in humanistic studies in general. These aims are furthered through the Triennial General Conference, held every third year.



Welcome address by Ashk Dahlen, President

Persian Language and Literature

Chair: Helena Bani-Shoraka


Language and Literature: Early Persian Interactions   keynote speech

Bo Utas (Uppsala University)


Imaging India in Buf-e Kur

Syed Akhtar Husain (Jawaharlal Nehru University)


coffee break


Identity, Space and Mobility in Goli Taraqqi’s “Man Che Guevara hastam”

Goulia Ghardashkhani (Phillips-Universitat Marburg)


Koroshi: A Linguistic and Anthropological Overview

Maryam Nourzaei & Carina Jahani  (Uppsala University)


lunch break


Iranian Religions and Myths

Chair: Amund Bjorsnos


Iran og den Mosaiska distinksjonen

Michael Stausberg (University of Bergen)


Armayil and Garmayil: The Growth of a Story

Jaakko Hameen-Antttila (University of Helsinki)




Azdahāg and the Fenriswolf - Eschatological Myth in Comparison

Anders Hultgard (Uppsala University)


Masters in Dialogue: Translation, Authority and Exegesis in Iranian Sufism

Alessandro Cancian (The Institute of Ismaili Studies)


coffee break


Modern History and Politics

Chair: Bjorn Olav Utvik


The Historiography of Politics in Modern Iran   keynote speech

Fakhreddin Azimi (University of Connecticut)


Modernity Revisited: The Need for a Fresh Reassessment of Modernist Discourse in Iran

Daryoush Mohammadpoor (University of West Minister)




Ideological Underpinning of the Green Movement: Jamʽiyat-e Towhid va Taʽāvun

Kjetil Selvik (University of Oslo)


Few Notes on Conceptual History of Democracy in Iran

Yadullah Shahibzadeh (University of Oslo)


Discursive Strategies in the Pro-Constitutionalist Media (1906-1911)

Roya Veyseh (University of Limgos)

The Conference will take place in Auditorium II, Georg Sverdrup House, at the University of Oslo.  The building is 5 minutes walk from Blindern Metro Station (Central Line).

The Georg Sverdrup House was named after the first director of the University of Oslo Library - Georg Sverdrup - and was opened in 1999. At the same time the Humanities and Social Sciences Library moved in to the building. With its 2.800.000 books, it is the largest academic library in Norway.

The Conference is open to the public and free of charge. If you wish to attend the Conference please registrate by notifying the Secretary no later than 25 March. All participants are required to submit a registration. For more information please visit the SSIS website:

The Conference is sponsored by Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture (Instituttet for sammenlignende kulturforskning, Oslo) and Fritt Ord Foundation.
We look forward to seeing you in Oslo!

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