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Iran can block Strait of Hormuz easily: Navy Commander


Source: ISNA

Iranian Navy Chief Brigadier General Habibollah Sayyari said Sunday the country can block the Strait of Hormuz "easily."

Iran has had prominent role in high seas and tested its missiles capabilities in the waters, he told Iranian state TV adding Iran has staged military drills beyond the Strait of Hormuz and some parts of Indian Ocean and that the Strait of Hormuz was a part of the drill's site.

Iran's Navy launched a 10-day military exercise codenamed "Velayate 90" in the strategic Strait of Hormuz on December 24.

Photos: Iranian Navy's parade in the Strait of Hormuz

Sayyari said Iran can use capabilities of other countries in joint maneuvers. "We should keep security of the region jointly with regional countries. Potentials of regional countries are not as much considerable as Iran's. We proved that we can establish regional security on our own."

He also referred to the recent naval drill of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said it aimed to show that Iran stands against threats and sanctions. Iran's military exercises address countries posing threats against the country and it also sends the message of peace to regional neighbors.

Iran has made important breakthroughs in defense and nuclear domains over recent years despite sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council over its refusal to abandon peaceful uranium enrichment.

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