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Photos: Iranian Official at Natanz Nuclear Site Assassinated In Tehran


Photos by Armin Karami, Mehr News Agency

An Iranian academic was killed in a terrorist attack in Tehran on Wednesday morning. The academic was identified as Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, 32, a graduate of Sharif University of Technology in chemical engineering. The incident occurred at about 8:20 a.m. local time.

According to authorities at Sharif university, Ahmadi-Roshan held a post at the Natanz nuclear site. He was reportedly in charge of commercial affairs at the nuclear site.

Roshan's driver/bodyguard later died of his wounds, while a third occupant of the car remains in hospital.

The terrorists, who were riding a motorcycle, attached a magnetic bomb to his Peugeot 405 on Gol Nabi Street. The witnesses said that the force of the explosion was such that windows of houses in the vicinity were blown out.

Tehran's deputy governor, Safar Ali Baratlo, blamed the assassination on Israel. “The bomb was a magnetic bomb and is the same as those previously used to assassinate scientists, and is the work of the Zionists,” Baratlo told the Fars News Agency.

On November 29, 2010, two prominent physicists were targeted by terrorists in two separate bombings. Professor Majid Shahriari was killed and Professor Fereydoun Abbasi was injured in the attacks. The two academics were both on their way to work at Shahid Beheshti University in northern Tehran when they were attacked. The police say that in both incidents, terrorists riding motorcycles attached magnetic bombs to the physicists’ cars.

Baratlo added, “It seems that the Zionists’ efforts are meant to undermine security ahead of the elections so that the people would not turn out in great numbers.”

Iran’s next parliamentary election is scheduled to be held on March 2.

WATCH: The aftermath of the bomb attack in Tehran


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