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Asghar Farhadi's Violation of "Diplomatic Practices"


By M. Bibak

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi has been on a roll lately winning the Best Foreign Language Film awards at BFCA and the Golden Globe. And he is on his way to the Oscars! And while many in Iran are congratulating Farhadi and celebrating his success, this has infuriated the hardliners!

Director Asghar Farhadi (L) and actor and screenwriter Peyman Moaadi at the Golden Globes

The conservatives view Farhadi and many other Iranian cineastes as promoters of un-Islamic culture and western values. So it's no wonder Iran's House of Cinema was recently ordered closed by the Culture Ministry.

Asghar take your award and run before Madonna kisses you! (by Mana Neyestani)

Farhadi himself has come under attack by by Fars News Agency (which is said to be affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards), among others, for violating "diplomatic practices." Apparently Farhadi violated the protocol which prohibits men and women from shaking hands when he shook the hands with the beautiful actress Angelina Jolie!

Since we are on the subject of "diplomatic practices," it should be noted that Fars News Agency didn't raise an eyebrow when the British Embassy in Tehran was attacked and occupied last November. In fact Fars was clearly applauding the attack with headlines such as "the old fox's house under the feet of students." It will certainly be interesting to see the full set of "diplomatic practices" that Fars would like the Iranians to adhere to!

In the rush to attack Farhadi, another website called Young Journalists Club has caused quite a gaffe by publishing photos of Jodie Foster during the Golden Globe awards and calling her gestures shameful and obscene and then calling Farhadi an "ignoble character" for smiling at Foster's gestures. Of course the writer didn't exempt the famous actress from his kind words and called her as part of the society of morally corrupt!

Little did the author know the meaning of these gestures:
First photo: A-ok - very definitely OK
Second photo: Two thumbs up - an indication of very high quality or unanimity of praise

But the publication must have been made aware of the blunder, since the original article has now been replaced with a blank page! Thanks to google however, the cached version is still available for all to enjoy! And by the way, don't expect an apology from the Young Journalists Club to Farhadi or Foster anytime soon. Their blunder doesn't change the fact that these two characters are still morally corrupt! God Willing, the Young Journalists Club will find a more meaningful way to deal with them at an appropriate time :-)

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