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And they saw Golshifteh without a cover!


By M. Bibak

I love Golshifteh Farahani. When I opened my email in the morning, I saw a message from a kind and thoughtful friend who had sent me a link to the French magazine's website Madame Le Figaro featuring a nude photo by Golshifteh. She was as beautiful as ever, if not more! I viewed the photo as an artistic expression and shared it with my wife. She agreed and laughed when I shared my observation that "by the way her boobs don't amount to much!"

photo by Madame Le Figaro; poem by Iraj Mirza

Then while at work, I read a news piece where Golshifteh had stated that she had appeared nude in protest against the ultra-conservative cultural policies that restrict Iran's film industry. She had also stated that after the publication of the photo she had been told she is no longer welcome back in Iran: "I was told by a Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guide official that Iran does not need any actors or artists and 'you may offer your artistic services somewhere else."

Now I'm sure this has made Golshifteh quite upset since she had to cancel her Iran travel plans and stay in Paris where she doesn't feel secure from the security forces and she is in constant fear of being attacked by a fanatic mob! On the other hand, Iranian authorities are sleeping better knowing a Golshifteh is kept off the streets of Tehran. After all, she has committed the ultimate crime of revealing her soft and gentle skin, something that only Iranian men are allowed to do, with their rough and hairy non-arousing skin! [ this is of course a typical stereotyping since I for one have a gentle and hairless skin I must add].

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is condemning the opposition leaders, who have been under house arrest and incommunicado for the past year, for remaining silent about this criminal and abhorrent act. "How hypocritical of them," a regime insider confided with me in an email. "These are the same opposition leaders who created an uproar when some men and women protesters were slightly raped in the privacy of places such as the Kahrizak Detention Center. And this is especially disturbing given the fact that the Iranian regime has done everything in its power to protect the victims by confiscating and destroying all incriminating photos and videos which would've made it possible to identify them at the scene of these minor rapes," he stated.

But while Golshifteh has been the talk of the town in Iran in the past day, rumors have started circulating that the worst is yet to come. According to a very reliable source, film director Asghar Farhadi, who is viewed as Golshifteh's mentor, plans to outdo his disciple when, as expected, he gets on the stage in Hollywood to receive the Best Foreign Film Oscar for his film "A Separation" by flashing it Iranian-style. Now that's both abhorrent and scary! And so the Iranian activists are urged to start an online petition without delay calling on Asghar Farhadi to refrain from violating the sanctity of the holly Oscar ceremonies by displaying Iranian skin. God willing, there is still time to stop him!

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