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Afghan refugees barred from two Iranian provinces


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The head of Iran's immigration office has announced that Afghan asylum seekers are not allowed to reside in the two Iranian provinces of Mazandaran and Hormozgan.

Iranians protest against the banning of Afghans in Isfahan from a public park on April 1, also known as Nature Day. One of the signs reads, "I Am Also An Afghan."

Immigration head Mohammad Tahouri told ISNA on Saturday that the two provinces applied last year to restrict the residence of Afghan immigrants, and this year it was approved.

He added that Yazd and Kerman provinces have made similar applications following recent events.

After media reports attributed a recent rape to two Afghan immigrants, a number of Yazd citizens in the vicinity of the crime raided the homes of Afghan residents, causing serious property damage.

Afghan immigrants face growing opposition and restrictions from provincial and central governments.

Iran claims that for more than three decades it has been a good host to Afghan immigrants but it will no longer tolerate undocumented immigrants in its territories.

Photos: Underground School for Afghan Children in Kerman, Iran

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