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Iran celebrates registration of Kashan carpet weaving and Fin Garden on UNESCO lists


Source: Tehran Times

The registration of the Fin Garden and Kashan's traditional skills of carpet weaving on UNESCO lists was celebrated in a ceremony in the town of Kashan, Isfahan Province on Wednesday.

Fin Garden, Kashan

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office's Advisor for Communication and Information Arya Gunawan Usis and a number of cultural officials attended the ceremony at the Fin Garden, Persian news agencies reported on Wednesday.

Fin Garden is one of the nine gardens registered on UNESCO's World Heritage List in June 2011.

The Persian garden profile also includes the gardens of Pasargad and Eram in Fars Province, Pahlevanpur and Dowlatabad in Yazd Province, Fin and Chehel Sotun in Isfahan Province, Akbarieh in South Khorasan Province, Abbasabad in Mazandaran Province, and Shahzadeh Mahan (also known as Shazdeh) in Kerman Province.

The traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan, was registered on UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity during the Fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Committee in Nairobi in 2010.

The ceremony began with a brief speech delivered by Ahmadinejad.

"When the monuments of a nation are registered on the World Heritage List, the world's scholars, artists, and art lovers pay due attention to that nation," he said.

Usis presented UNESCO registration certificates for the garden and the traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan to the president.


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