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Zan Magazine: Providing for the Modern Woman


By: Ariana Romero, National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

Washington, DC - The word ‘zan’ means woman in the Persian language. It is fitting, therefore, that Zan be the name of this first of its kind publication whose purpose is to serve the modern Iranian-American woman.

Zan Magazine, co-founded by Editor in Chief Sudy Samandari, includes articles that adhere to the working, stylish, and cultured women of today. The topics range from cultural events, to fashion, to domestic politics and community leaders and are presented in a mainstream, yet unique manner. The premier issue was launched in November 2011.

Zan Magazine was born from Sudy’s desire to better serve the Iranian-American community. She was inspired by her late father Abdollah Samandarizadeh, founder of “Golchin Publication." Golchin Publication was a magazine that served the Iranian-American community in Houston for over 20 years. However, after Mr. Samandarizadeh’s death in 2009, publication of the magazine ceased. By channeling her late father’s skill and injecting her own will to reconnect with her community, Sudy took the necessary steps to launch the magazine. One critical first step was partnering with Dr. Baharak Sedigh, Zan’s Managing Editor, who provides a creative edge and is described as the “core piece of the puzzle” for the magazine. Through the use of breakthrough photography and articles written by a team of talented writers and contributors, Sudy and Baharak have discovered the recipe for success. While still very much in its infancy stage, Zan Magazine already has an impressive following and has reached audiences coast to coast and even worldwide.

Sudy is a pioneer in the field of publication, finding the perfect melange of American journalism with Iranian culture and heritage. The Iranian-American community now has a magazine that is both visually and intellectually stimulating.

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