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Iranian Automaker IKCO To Cooperate With Universities To Develop Platforms


Source: ISNA

Iranian largest state-run automaker Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) is going to cooperate with academic and research institutions to develop its new platforms.

IKCO CEO, Javad Najmeddin said, "These platforms are being designed and developed in B and D segments; different types of cars will be built on these platforms within the next ten years, the first of which would be presented in 2014."

He then underlined IKCO's firm intention to use its own Research and Development (R&D) capacity and benefit from the capabilities of universities and academic and research institutions for this purpose.

He said, "This cooperation shortens the route to the goal and brings about cost reduction and improvement of designing knowledge."

Najmeddin emphasized the priority of innovation in fuel technology and invited universities and academic and research institutions for cooperation on design and development of IKCO new platforms.

He said, "This industrial group has an impressive record in absorbing knowledge and technology and warmly welcomes suggestions of cooperation."

IKCO CEO referred to his company's cost reduction trend through creativity and innovation of personnel as a must and restated that IKCO prioritizes personnel's ideas related to fuel efficiency technologies.

Najmeddin added that innovation would lead to export-oriented production, self-sufficiency, competitiveness and sustainable national growth and any delay in using this effective tool would take customers away.

Najmeddin referred to cost reduction and quality improvement as IKCO's main objectives in using creative ideas and said lack of innovation is the main reason of companies' loss.

He pointed out, "Nowadays, the main conflict is the conflict of prices and China as the master of cost reduction has earned hundreds of billions of dollars from exporting various goods to international markets even to the US's."

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