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Prose: More Humans, Less Humanity

By Ali A. Parsa, Ph.D.

I have written this prose as my take of America's struggle to stay in the path of its founders with inspiration from Kam Zarrabi and his writings in

In the beginning Nature's Rule of Law,
Inspired every creature's awe?
Instinct was a basic feature,
That was instilled in every creature.
Humans had to educate themselves mainly, If they were to behave sanely.
It was as if the touchstone of humanity, Became the level of education and sanity.
This added excitement to the journey of life, while clashes between knowledge and ignorance became rife.

Gurus and educators started doing their best, All throughout the Eastern world and West.
While we cannot name them all but a few, We mention some old and notables, not so new.
Socrates made the Western World so proud, By teaching them to question the authorities clear and loud.
That he'd rather drink poison hemlock than obeying the Athenian Court, To become sheepish and refuse to exhort.

When in the journey of life they reached this fork.
Rumi defined the biggest virtue as knowledge and and the biggest vice as ignorance, Much later Albert Einstein made the same utterance.

We can never close this brief list without mentioning one person, That is the greatest genius of them all, Thomas Jefferson.
So skillfully this great man served this nation at its birth, That at that time made it the greatest nation on earth.
That even to this day his modus operandi remains a mystery.
Even as it is an integral part of its history.

Here is a brief account of what Jefferson did, He defied the mightiest colonial rule and rejected King George's might.
He fathered the Declaration of Independence followed by the Bill of Right, He set the condition for the survival of this land, An educated public that that had the government in the grip of its own hand.
Benjamin Franklin pursued the same thing, but mostly in vain, Alas they accomplished a little to reduce America's pain.

Education for public and “government of the people”, not only of the elite, Government by the Elite and media was made obsolete.
A secular government that equally protects religious and atheist, Lest the government favors the clergy, atheist or the priest.
Protection of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, Not one whose main concern was bossiness.
An educated public was defined as to choose the pass of moderation, while free.
Not the one that would go on a binge and spree.
A less educated public would be the victim of every crook, For surrendering its mind, body and pocketbook.
It would spend the money it did not have by borrowing and satisfying its craves, Until it was made dependent of the lenders and practically slaves.

It is not fair not to mention George Washington, the first in peace, but against foreign war, And his selflessness and rejection of being named a king by far.

The way America's founders founded this land, To them forever it would stand.
The first large scale free country in the world history, So unreal as if it was a mystery.

Alas the founders who were that brave,
If they could see America now they'd spin in their grave.
The reason for this reversal to the wise, Does not constitute a surprise.
All factors that made America great are now reversed, You can call it the real undoing of America and not rehearsed.

Public Education, that America's claim to fame is nothing but name Spending more and educating less is the name of the game.
Even if a few schools try to educate more, Media and consumerism distract the students and neutralize the chore.

Ali A. Parsa, Ph.D

About the author: B.S. and M.A. in Soil Science and Agricultural Education Cal Poly-SLO. M.S. and Ph.D. in Agronomy, Colorado State University. 18 years of teaching, research and founder of Soil Science Department at Shiraz University in Iran. 12 years of work as Soil Scientist and Conservationist UDDOI. Retired in 1995 and devoted all of my time in addressing global rather than local problems and publishing the books mentioned in the Introduction. Parsa is the author of Literary Tranquilizers.

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