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Iranian artists Haleh Jamali among finalists for Italy's Art Laguna prize


Haleh Jamali, an Iranian artist living and working in Edinburgh,Scotland, has been been shortlisted amongst the finalist for the Art Laguna prize. The finalist artists will show their artworks in the collective exhibition of the 6th International Arte Laguna Prize at the Arsenale of Venice from 17th March (see press release).

The 110 finalist artworks will be on display at the collective exhibition, the opening will be on Saturday 17th March at 8 pm. In this gala event the works of art and the announcement of the winners will be the protagonists.

The exhibition can be visited until 1st April and on the opening Sundays there will be the “Arte Laguna Sunday Talks”, three important appointments open to the public with free entrance, where guided tours, free debates, dialogues with new media experts and discussions on the connection between the world of art and the business world will take place.

"Someone who is not like anyone" - by Haleh Jamali

Haleh Jamali (Iran/UK)

Jamali has a fascination with all varieties of materials and has extended her artistic talent to Painting, Photography and Video making. She looks at the hidden layersbeneath the visible, using the mediums of painting and installation. Jamali’s interestin portraiture and narrative stems from her desire to address the social aspects ofrepresentation, particularly as it relates to the female gender. Jamali states: “For me, the diversity, versatility, and unrivalled ability of portraits to communicate, makethem an enigma. Indeed, my particular concern is to reveal the paradoxes and ambiguities behind the eyes of the portrait subject who tries to communicate emotions, arrest attention, and often express feelings of both attraction and repulsion”. Encouraging an intimate relationship between the viewer and the subject, Jamaliconsiders how an individual’s identity can be constructed in relation to Others, whilesimultaneously suggesting that the Self and the Other are inseparable. Jamali’s artwork appears in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Mostrecent exhibitions of her work include: Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto-Canada; Edinburgh Iranian festival, Edinburgh-UK and La Viande Gallery, London-UK.

Someone who is not like anyone - by Haleh Jamali
"Someone who is not like anyone" - by Haleh Jamali

Selected solo and group exhibitions: 2012 (UPCOMING)
17 March-1 April : Finalist Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize, Nappe of Arsenale ofVenice -Italy 24-27 April : |FAT| Fashion Art Toronto,multi-arts event, Toronto-Canada

HB55 Raume der Kunst, group show, Berlin-GermanyArts complex, Edinburgh Fringe festival, solo show, Edinburgh-UKOut of the Blue, Multi arts space, Art of Leith Exhibition -Leith Festival '11, group show, Edinburgh-UKPropeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Here and There, group show, Toronto-CanadaOut of the Blue, Multi arts space, Face Off, Edinburgh Iranian festival, group show, Edinburgh-UK

Newheaven exhibition space, Neither here nor there, group show, Edinburgh-UK

Patriothhall Gallery, Pause, group show, Edinburgh-UKCollective Gallery, Stand by, group show, Edinburgh-UK

La Viande Gallery, Proof (?) of Identity, group show, London-UK

Atbin Gallery, solo show, Tehran-Iran

Daryabeygi gallery, solo show, Tehran-Iran

Wall+House+Painting, Site specific work, group show, Tehran-IranElaheh gallery, group show, Tehran-Iran

Interior Design Diploma, 2011, London-UK Arts Education in Practice Professional Development Award, 2009, SQA, Glasgow-UK MA Art and Media Practice, 2007, University of Westminster, London-UKBA Painting, 2005,University of Tehran, Tehran-Iran

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Someone who is not like anyone

2007, video loop, 3:00 minutes, colour, stereo, for single channel projection

Please watch the video here

This work explores the issues of identity among female immigrants, as related to their appearance. During the process of assimilation into multicultural societies, their identities become fluid via choices in lifestyle and clothing. This work has been informed by Jamali’s experience as an immigrant and the ways in which immigrants’ identities are understood by others. By pushing these ideas to an extreme, Jamalisuggests the concept of a "dual-self". Jamali emphasizes that the construction of an individual’s identity is a function of their relation to Others, and indicates that theinseparable Self and Other construct one’s social identity.

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