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Photos: Sadra Shipbuilding in Bushehr, Iran


Photos by Saber Zamani, Mehr News Agency

Sadra Industrial Island is located in Bushehr, souther Iran. SADRA also known as "Iran Marine Industrial Company" was founded in 1968 as a small ship repair yard in Bushehr. Since then, SADRA has established itself as the leading shipbuilding and ship repairing company in Iran.

SADRA is also active in offshore oil & gas development. SADRA specializes in building ships, docks and floating oil rigs. Sadra Group is a sister company of Iran's state-owned Iran Shipbuilding and Offshores Industries Complex Co. (ISOICO). As of April 2009, the IRGC-controlled construction conglomerate, Khatam al-Anbia owns a controlling stake in SADRA.


Sadra Industrial Island

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