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Jailed Iranian blogger, fearful of his fate, wrote to Evin chief before his death


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Sattar Beheshti, an Iranian blogger who was reportedly killed while in custody in Evin Prison, accoridng to Iranian media sources had written a letter to the head of the prison, describing his "being subjected to torture" by the cyber police.

Sattar Beheshti

The Kaleme opposition website published a letter written by the jailed blogger before he was taken on his last interrogation session.

Beheshti was arrested last Tuesday and, after two days of interrogations, was returned to section 350 of Evin Prison.

His fellow inmates confirm that his body showed signs of severe torture and that eventually he was informed that he would have to attend another interrogation session. At that time, he reportedly wrote a letter to the head of Evin Prison to charge the cyber police with his fate.

The letter on Kaleme says: "I, Sattar Beheshti, was arrested on October 30, 2012 by the cyber police at my home without a warrant and during two days of interrogations I was subjected to various forms of assault and beatings as well as insults to myself and my mother while they kicked and punched my head and body. Now, on November 1, cyber police have once more summoned me for questioning and I want to announce that whatever happens to me, the cyber police has to be held responsible for it. During the 12 hours that I have been in room 2 of section 350, the other inmates in the room have witnessed the marks of torture on my body and I have reported to the coroner twice and now I am rendering my report to you and request that you pursue the matter."

On November 5, the Beheshti family were informed that they should purchase a plot for Sattar Beheshti at the cemetery and report the next day to receive his remains.

The officials reportedly told his sister that he had been suffering from heart disease, but the sister has rejected the statement and insists that her brother was in complete good health before his arrest.

The family is reportedly under strict surveillance by security forces and is advised not to talk with the media.

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