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ANIMAL PLANET: The Law of the Jungle

By Kam Zarrabi, Intellectual Discourse

As a long-time commentator on foreign affairs, I do follow the news and world events, but mostly on the internet. I also watch television, but not to gain any objective knowledge of world events, as there ain't no such animal regardless of which satellite, cable or network channel you tune in. My television time is basically limited to watching repeated episodes of wildlife encounters and interactions and various nature programs.

You see, animals in the wild are honest. Their intentions and actions are driven by naturally evolved instincts and are exhibited sincerely and unabashedly. When hyenas storm a cheetah and steal its kill, they show absolutely no remorse and offer no apology for depriving the cat and its kittens of their food. The cheetah, in her turn, had no problem with her conscience when she killed that impala in order to feed herself and her kittens.

When a tribe of monkeys take over a section of the forest that happens to have fruit-bearing fig trees, killing or displacing its former residents in the process, no official complaints are filed with some Monkeys Tribal Council, and no reparations are paid to compensate for the losses to the dispossessed. The victorious tribe defends the usurped territory by any means at its disposal. And should the defeated monkey tribes attempt to reclaim their habitat, negotiations are out of the question, so is any peace treaty to live side by side and share in the fruits of nature. The law of the jungle dictates that might makes right!

Only a tiny bit of genetic variance separates the human animal from its next-of-kin in the animal world. We do exactly the same things, driven by the same natural impulses that motivate other species of life, except for one difference: we humans need to rationalize and justify whatever we do to serve our own interests. We have something that we refer to as conscience, which demands to be satisfied honestly - on rare occasions, or through hypocrisy and the creation of self-deluding narratives to legitimize our cause, which is most often the case.

Case in point is the current violence that has erupted between Israel and the strip of land called Gaza.

We are looking at an ongoing conflict of interests between the tenth most powerful military in the world, supported unequivocally by the world's most powerful empire, against the occupants of a tiny, overcrowded and destitute concentration camp  equipped with homemade miniature missiles that do not always even carry any explosives!

This conflict has been ongoing for decades, ever since the victorious tribe of self-proclaimed  "Chosen People" took over and displaced the hapless original inhabitants of the land called Palestine.

You see, the Chosen Ones even have a book of legends that tells about a similar episode dating back almost three thousand years. It tells about the God of the Chosen People sanctioning the original tribe to ravage, plunder and kill, man, woman and child, and take over other people's lands to establish their own kingdom. Their God had simply bestowed the entitlement to other people's ancestral lands to His own Chosen People! How nice!

Of course that self-legitimizing narrative was written centuries later, after the dismemberment of their short-lived glory. So, the Chosen Ones did establish their small kingdom, which lasted some 200 years, before it was taken over and dismantled by other marauding tribes who had mandates from their own gods, sometime around 2600 years ago.

Based on this ridiculous pseudo-historical narrative, the new marauders set claim to a fictitious ancient homeland, their so-called Promised Land, bypassing 26 centuries of other peoples' histories and cultural claims.

This is notwithstanding the fact that the newcomers' ancestral lands were located far away from the ancient Middle Eastern habitat of the Hebrew tribes; they came from somewhere east of the Urals, north of the Caspian Sea; they are the descendants of the Khazar people who gave their name to the sea we now know as the Caspian.

Well, it became a fait accompli and the United Nations admitted Israel as a charter member state in 1948, and thus set in motion a series of tragic events leading to the present state of affairs.

Naturally, the dispossessed, the oppressed and the powerless peoples that the occupiers began to force out of their ancestral habitats didn't like the treatment they were receiving. They lost their homes, their farms, their olive trees, so that the occupiers could make room for new crowds of strangers with unfamiliar habits, tongues and looks. I wonder how many light skinned blue eyed blondes can trace their ancestry to the Biblical Hebrews!

Actually, we should not refer to the lands that the occupiers have taken over as Israel: that's a misnomer. Israel refers to a land that Yahweh supposedly gave to His Chosen People, and which was lost in the currents of history some 26 centuries ago. What we have today should be called New-Khazaristan, governed by a Zionist, and not a true Jewish, regime.

However, if we strip all this "human" oriented paraphernalia from the bare facts, what is left is no more than another episode in the ongoing drama on the Animal Planet!

In the current episode, just like all the previous ones, the more powerful, backed by the most powerful, dictates the terms. Israel wants peace; of course it does, who wouldn't, when you are having your way and do not appreciate any resistance or violence from the other side?

When a pride of lions approaches a large group of Cape buffalo, the strategy is to panic the herd, scatter them and isolate a target, which they can jump on and bring down. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Now if the buffaloes had evolved a sense of counterstrategy to circle around their herd with their massive horns pointing outward, no lion or lions could penetrate their defenses.

The Palestinian people have also been divided into different factions, some more pragmatically resilient and submissive, others more militant, driven by a sense of honor and principle, kind of Spartan-like, and intent on putting up a fight against their oppressors. They don't look to their Arab and Islamic brethren who'd rather remain as "moderate, friendly" savages in the eyes of their benefactors in the West, rather than go beyond paying lip service in support of their fellow Moslems or Arabs.

Instead, they receive support in many ways from Iran, a non Arab country with even a non orthodox Islamic tradition. But they know full well that this support is really not as much out of sympathy for their suffering as it is for Iran's own strategic interests to use them as a potential shield against Israel's expansionistic agendas. But they take all the help they can get, regardless.

Their democratically elected leadership and the party that most Palestinians regard as representative of their views and aspirations, Hamas, has been branded as a terrorist organization by the United States, on behest of Israel, of course. Again, no surprise. So, if a people rise up against overt barbarism by an occupier and, in the absence of anything else, resort to throwing rocks at the invaders' tanks, they are terrorists, because the oppressor is our ally. Yes, in reaction to being mowed over by Israeli tanks and bulldozers, they have adopted the old Sri Lankan Tamil tactic of blowing themselves up as human bombs to hurt their oppressors, as nothing else in their disposal at the time could do as much damage in exacting revenge.

Two questions beg to be asked: Of what benefit to the interests of the United States is the alliance with Israel; and, what has Hamas ever done to the United States to become listed as a terrorist organization?

The greatest majority in the global community of nations regard Israel as the biggest threat to peace and security, followed by the United States, which is a real shame. We here, of course, regard ourselves as the champions of peace and stability and wonder why the rest of the world doesn't see it that way. Could this "misperception" about us be the result of our blind support for the chief supporter of international terrorism, would you say?

The latest poll shows that about two thirds of the American public supports Israel in the current confrontation with the Palestinians, while only a tiny percentage support the Palestinians. From what sources, other than the mass media, do the American people get their information about this conflict? Who owns and controls our entire news and entertainment industries? How could our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sent on an emergency mission to Israel, say anything publicly other than reaffirming America's total commitment and support for whatever Israeli regime decides to do? Have they all forgotten America's own War of Independence? Wasn't George Washington a dangerous terrorist in the eyes of the British?

Will time ever come when these uninvited European marauders return to and reclaim their true ancestral homelands in Eastern Europe, Ukraine an Southern Russia? Or, will we ever see a One State solution where the remaining Jews and Palestinians share equally in a democratic society with global blessings. Or, will the mirage of  an elusive, and unwanted by either side, Two State solution gradually lead to the completion of the ethnic cleansing project, the Final Solution and the Securing of the Realm for the Zionist Entity?

You may want to log on to the underlined phrase above on the internet and see what I meant.


Kam Zarrabi is the author of In Zarathushtra's Shadow and Necessary Illusion.He has conducted lectures and seminars on international affairs, particularly in relation to Iran, with focus on US/Iran issues. Zarrabi's latest book is Iran, Back in Context.
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