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Blogger may have died from shock: Iranian Judiciary


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The death of a jailed blogger in custody was not due to any form of illness, the Tehran General and Revolutionary court said in a statement issued on Thursday. Iranian judiciary officials confirmed that Sattar Beheshti, who was arrested on October 30 and transferred to Evin Prison, died four days later while in police custody. The spokesman for the judiciary also confirmed that bruises were seen on five parts of the dead blogger's body.

The statement claims that the most probable cause of death was "a kind of shock" that could have been caused by "a blow or blows to sensitive parts of the body or severe mental stress."

The announcement goes on to add that a number of officials and guards involved in the case are now being investigated, and temporary arrest warrants have been issued for them.

The statement added that the final conclusion of the probe will be reached after security officials involved in the case have been completely investigated.

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cartoon by Mardomak

The report adds that Sattar Beheshti's inmates and the guards in his section of the prison have been thoroughly interrogated for the purpose of the probe into Beheshti's death.

An opposition website, Saham News, reported on Wednesday that Beheshti's mother says her son was completely healthy before his arrest and that she is certain he was "killed while he was in prison."

She even claimed that authorities offered her blood money for her son.

Iranian Parliament's National Security Commission has appointed a committee to look into the death of Sattar Beheshti, who was arrested for publishing anti-government statements on his blog and in his Facebook entries.

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