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American Pie

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

It feels good for whatever reasons
That Mr. Obama
Is re-elected
Heard the news
Through an e-mail from Citizen Journalist
Just that very minute the results were announced in US
Here in Iran...

First of all it is like
The emotional and later mental suffering shared with Black People
After watching the movie: Gone with the Wind
Since Childhood
Is getting healed
Maybe this will be the real actualization of
The End of Racial Discrimination, and the resulting
Hatred on our Planet

Secondly, because he is mixed in Religions
At least the most two problematic
Christianity and Islam
With the Jews-Friends
Next door
Of course
He would hopefully “fight for” reconciliation rather than War

Thirdly because his second name
Associates both
The Shiite Imam Hussein
The symbol of struggle against autocracy and injustice
And Hassein in Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson
An educative edifying book of All & Everything in the Universe
And how to be a real Human Being

All the non-violent anti-war people of the world
Could really celebrate his victory over his rival
A typical understandably self-conceited contemporary citizen of America - as the leader of Western Civilization
With his American Dream
On the verge of getting fulfilled....

Again, the first taste of such Power-Loving
War oriented American whites
Was experienced with the same movie
Gone with the Wind
The Republicans are heirs of Southerners
Aren’t they?


Wow! What A Time?

It absolutely feels Great
When a long long wished wish seems to finally finding the chance to be fulfilled:
The End of Racial, Ethnical, Religious, Sexual Discrimination
Doesn’t it?

It is like finding a Good Book to read,
In this era when books seem to be on the verge of going into oblivion
Do you think they will disappear soon?
As the thinking Animal
We all like to Know More
About Something
Even if it turns into Nothing...

And How Absolutely Amazed One can get
When this book turns to be
One of those very rare books
One wished to read all one’s life
Filling up that great abyss in our history
In the same way that Sohrvardi’s Hekmatol-Eshraq (The wisdom and philosophy of Enlightenment) filled it in his own Time

After all it is extremely hard to overcome our historical predisposition of

Let me see if I can Remember
What were the Five Eternals
According to Ancient Magi of Iran
The Fathers of Philosophy and Wisdom of the World
Fully described in the abovementioned book
Hakim Zakaria Razi
(The first courageous serious critic of Aristotle,
The founder of scientific way of Observation, Measurement
So many centuries before Francis Bacon
As well as several significant scientific medical fields,
Most important of all Chemistry)
With full descriptions of what those Magi taught
Found in the texts of Early Greek Philosophers
From Democritus-Heraclitus -Plato to Aristotle
Mostly Pythagoras,
Apparently some being directly initiated by the old Iranian Magi
Ostanses, then in Egypt...

The five Eternals:

The Creator- Light
Satan - Darkness
Infinite Time

With Razi believing that
It was only by Chance
That the Universe Came into Being
Not being sure
Whether step by step
Like an Evolutionary Process
Or by Leaps like
The Bing Bang

Disregarding Religious Aristotle
Who Believed that only Creator is Eternal
It really seems unbelievable to us Here-Now
That for so many centuries
Nobody dared to count the teeth of horses
Lest, Aristotle would be refuted?!
Doesn’t it?

Nietzsche as a posthumous Prophet
Heralded the
Twilight of Idols
And in the words of a Madman
Reminding Mullah-na Molavi Rumi’s Sheikh
Who walked through the Bazaar at Day-Time
Holding a Torch
Proclaiming in Nietzsche’s narration
God is Dead
We killed Him
And in Molavi’s narration
I Am
Sick of Devil and Beast
Crave for Humans
A Real Homo Sapiens

Chance or Choice-Will?

No matter how President Obama
Like any true Politician
Is ambiguous in certain of his policies
Like in relation to Wikileaks Founder
Julian Assange
Who seems to be just reminding
America’s Constitution Law
Which made the American Dream
Equivalent to real Follow-Ship of the new Western Civilization
New in Chronological Time
As mentioned in the last article
Depression Epidemia
Indeed Hilarious
The most promising Goodnews
For the survival of our beautiful blue planet
Is this unprecedented scope of intermingling of races, religions, cultures
Thus automatically bringing about the Love of Neighbour
Making the

Let’s Manifest Love
The only unifying Homo Sapiens’ Motto
To Eternity


  1. Hakim Razi by Parviz Azkaei, Tarheh No Publishing (2006), the book was banned. See Great for the new Iranian generations who have this great book to read in order to be able to connect to their old-old roots and actually feel the linking spring.
  2. If you like to listen to American Pie, here is the link on youtube.


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