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Ahmadinejad: Enemy's psywar causing sharp fluctuations in forex market


Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that he is confident Iran will successfully overcome the current economic problems. Ahmadinejad made the remarks during a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday in reply to a question about the country's economic situation and the administration's plans to curb the rise in prices of basic commodities.

Source: Iran Daily

The Iranian president said, "The government is involved in the issue at full strength, but it must be noted that economic and psychological warfare is underway, and other branches (of government) should stand by the administration and help the administration with their support. Pointing a finger of blame at the administration does not help resolve the problem."

"I am confident that the Iranian nation will pass through this period successfully. And I ask everyone to support the decisions of the economy and trade ministries so that we can calm the market," he added.

He also said, "Part of these problems are related to economic warfare and external problems, and a large part of it is (due to) psychological pressure, and everyone should help."

External and internal problems to blame for disarray in forex market

In reply to a question about the reason for fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, Ahmadinejad stated that two contributory factors are involved.

"One factor is from outside, and one factor is from inside. The enemy has stated that it will impose (more) sanctions, and part of the oil purchases from Iran has decreased, and a considerable segment of our foreign currency revenues was generated through oil sales," he explained.

Iran's Rial Plunge
artwork by Mohsen Mousavi

He added, "What is worse than the oil sanction is the sanctions on banking transactions. If oil is sold, the payment cannot be transferred, and a massive and great secret war (against Iran) is actually underway in the world."

The Central Bank of Iran and the relevant organizations are making efforts to "counter this war" and have found a number of avenues, Ahmadinejad said, noting, "This war has led to a decrease in oil sales, but we are making endeavors to make up for this decrease."

Commenting on the internal factor, he stated, "Certain people inside (the country) have taken practical measures and (launched) psychological and propaganda warfare against the government."

Asked whether the fluctuation has its roots in the economic problems or the government's policies, Ahmadinejad said that the government should not be blamed for the country's economic problems.

"There is no economic cause for sharp fluctuations, and the only reason for it is the psychological warfare," he noted, adding, "The enemy's psychological warfare and pressure have intensified, but Iran's economy can continue its life and make progress."

He also said, "Based on a report of a security body, 22 people are the kingpins responsible for the recent disarray in the foreign exchange market. And given the fact that it is clear who these people are, security bodies should get involved."

Source: donya-e-eqtesad

Ground should be prepared for talks with U.S.

Commenting on his recent statement that he does not dismiss the possibility of talks with the United States, Ahmadinejad said, "Direct negotiations with the United States are possible, but the ground should be prepared."

In the current circumstances, there is not such a possibility, he said, adding, "In the history of our relations, it is clear which side should revise its attitude."

And they are mistaken if they think that Iran will come to the negotiating table through the exertion of pressure, he added.

Commenting on Israel's threats to take military action against Iran, Ahmadinejad said that the Zionist regime is seeking to improve its situation through such psychological warfare measures.

The Iranian president added that the Zionist regime has become a headache for the United States and it is making efforts to control the extremist Zionists.

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