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Photos and Vidoes: Protests Erupt in Tehran


Photo by 25Bahman; Vidoes by youtube

Protests have erupted in Tehran after the currency crisis reached a boiling point on Wednesday. The value of Iranian national currency has plunged to historical lows in recent days. The currency has dropped by over 80% in value over the past year. This has resulted in steep rise in prices causing major hardship for businesses and ordinary people. Some factories have aleady shut down, and others are on the verge of doing so.

Sa'di street in central Tehran

Video shows a massive protest in central Tehran

Tehran Bazaar on strike

Lalehzar street in central Tehran


Manouchehri street in central Tehran


Streets close to Tehran Bazaar

Istanbul intersection in Central Tehran

Protests in Tehran Bazaar

Tehran Bazaar on strike

Protesters chanting in Tehran Bazaar asking merchants to close their shops

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