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Iran mass producing over 35 nano-tech laboratory equipments


Source: ISNA, Tehran

According to The Secretary of Iran's Nanotechnology Initiative Council, Saeed Sarkar, Iran has been mass producing more than 35 types of nanotechnology laboratory equipments designed and made by Iranian researchers.

Iran's Nanotechnology Initiative Council
Iran Nano 2012 was held October 4-8 in in Tehran

In an interview with ISNA, Sarkar, stressing on lack of laboratory equipments as one of the barriers of technology development, stated, Western countries had presumed that by imposing sanctions against Iran they are able to prevent it from developing the new technology, but the Nanotechnology Initiative Council identified the necessary advanced equipments and planed for their production in order to overcome the obstacles.

Iran currently stands at the 9th place in international ranking of nanoscience and technology production, the Secretary of Iran's Nanotechnology Initiative Council said and added, the country has succeeded in design and mass production of more than 35 kinds of advanced nanotechnology devices.

Various Iranian industries including laboratory equipments, antibacterial strings, power station filters and construction industries have employed domestic nanotechnology productions.

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