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Abbas Kowsari's Exhibition of new series of Photographs: Light


Source: AARAN Gallery

Opening at Aaran Gallery in Tehran on 26th October.

This is not easy to understand
For you that come from a distant land
Where all the colors are low in pitch
Deep purples, emeralds deep and rich,
Where autumn's flaming and summer's green
Dorothea Mackellar. (1885-1968)

Every major world religion speaks of light, both as a metaphor and in actual use of light sources. Zoroastrians keep the eternal fire, Hindus celebrate Diwali, and Christians light up their Christmas trees. Light illuminates spirits and minds in every culture and mythology. Light as a metaphor of truth, knowledge and Enlightenment. These rituals strengthen our social bonds, and demonstrate respect or submission; very often they are intended for pure pleasure of the ritual itself. The spirit of respect for religious traditions and rituals is very much alive in Iran particularly in old neighborhoods and towns and villages, exactly in the same way that the rituals of Ancient Persia are kept safe in hearts and minds of same people.

Abbas Kowsari has been fascinated with two particular nights of celebrations of Shite rituals, the night of Ashura and the birth of the twelfth Emam. For three years he has taken photographs of the decorations that cover our cities in those nights; lamps, colored papers and arches of triumph. Installations that are set up by people who are not art literate but the results come very close to contemporary art projects.

In this series while documenting the popular art installations, he highlights the visual attractions of these decorations. He also explores the strength of bonds between the people of neighborhoods, the way they come together and give a face lift to their streets and share food or beverages.

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