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No Possibility of War With Iran: Revolutionary Guards Commander Takes Back His Statement

By Nima Farahabadi, Rooz Online

The top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) retreated from his earlier remarks that war between Iran and other countries was certain. General Mohammad Ali Jaafari who had earlier said war between Iran and its enemies was “inevitable” changed his prediction and said last Sunday, “In view of the condition of the enemies, there will be no war against Iran.”

General Mohammad Ali Jaafari

As reported by domestic news agencies, the commander also said the country was currently “In an economic war with its enemies.” He also prescribed that “The secret to success and victory against an enemy which is using all its power against Islamic Iran in the economic war and which has doubled its pressure, is to “stand firm, resist and be steadfast.”

These remarks come after Jaafari had announced that war was definitely going to take place with Iran, which not only had wide international repercussions but also brought forth a strong reaction from other military officials of the Islamic republic itself. He had specifically said that “Israel’s threats and animosity with Iran would eventually result in a physical confrontation.” He had also cautioned, “We have to prepare for a war whose nature is completely different from the eight year war and the trick is to adjust ourselves for the war that lies ahead of us.” The only issue that was unclear, according to the commander was the date of the confrontation.

Warning About the Third World War

After these remarks, the commander of the IRGC’s aerospace force told Al-Alam news network, “We see the US and the Zionist regime (a term Iranian officials use for Israel) completely side by side with each other and cannot imagine that the Zionist regime would start such a war without US support. Because of this if war breaks out, we will enter into a war against both of them and will most certainly get engaged with American bases.”

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh called this possible conflict the Third World War and added, “Should such conditions come about uncontrollable events will take place which will be beyond control and management and could possibly turn into the Third World War. In other words it is possible that some countries will enter the war in support of Iran while others will enter it against Iran.”

Iran’s defense minister who is also a member of the Revolutionary Guards had on also said on 25 September that “we have prepared ourselves for a big battle,” and added, “We have the capital of the holly defense (a term officials use for the 8-year war with Iraq), velayate (the supreme religious leader) and martyrdom and are ready for the big battle. Of course this battle has always existed and since we are now in the era of the reappearance (of Prophet Mohammad) this war is among important wars.”

The highest military officials who criticized these words - without naming the IRGC commander, was general Hassan Firuzabadi, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

“Such remarks are wrong,” Firuzabadi said referring to the imminence of war remarks. “Some individuals say things that create the impression among the public that war is going to take place,” he elaborated in his criticism. He continued, “When a military commander makes remarks, he must understand that there will be political and security interpretations over such remarks and these issues must be considered in their remarks.”

He then rejected the imminence of war and said, “In US and Israel’s calculations, there is no opportunity or benefit for war with Iran. We have identified the vulnerabilities of the US, Israel and our enemies and have developed weapons appropriate to these vulnerabilities and have identified the sphere of our targets and launches. Using such planning depends on the political will of the country, and the military and political conditions. These measures may or may not be implemented: Just as we have not taken any action in the 20 years.”

Prior to Firuzabadi, his deputy in the supreme command of the armed forces had also criticized the remarks of the IRGC commanders and said, “It would be best if these officials left responses to military threats to others.”

General Masoud Jazaeri called Israel’s threats “Psychological war of the enemy,” and had said, “Some remarks are such that they help the rumors of war against our country. It is better that responses to media threats by Israel are left to others.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also objected to remarks about the imminence of war and told reporters, “More than having the intention of an attack in mind, the enemy’s threats are aimed at psychological war and some inside the country are relaying the psychological war of the enemy through their ignorance of this.”

Over the past few months, Israel has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities while the country is under intense international pressure over its nuclear program.

These threats have brought about harsh responses from officials of the Islamic republic and its military commanders. Tehran has threatened to give “an unexpected” response to such an attack.

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