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Depression Epidemia: Indeed Hilarious

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Headline: Iranian Currency won the first place backward recently
And in one of the radios
The subject of one of their entertaining programs
Was Patience and how Patient Iranians are.
Associating the old proverb
“If you be patient enough/sour grapes will turn to halvaa
(=something like Chocolate)...
Enjoying personal dictatorship
For not allowing friends to mention
Dark perspectives
Thus rudely jumping into their words
Not giving a damn to keep up with
Politeness, apparently born for the first time on this land
By reminding them:

Aren’t these dark predictions
What we have been hearing from elders since our youth here?
Things like:
“These are our good days
Wait and see what horrible dark days are to come...
And then bursting out singing a part of Bijan Mofid’s famous Drama, The City of Fables
(Written and performed in early good old days of Sixties)
Where one of the main personalities, accidentally a mullah
Is complaining about soaring prices in these words:
‘A quarter of bread costing one Abbasi/ a quarter of butter reaching two Abbasi-s
Compels a poor human being like me
To Dance...’
[An example of sharia (looking at the shell of the religion) turning into tariqa (seeing the heart of the religion)]

And having inherited the genes of some remote ayatollahs
Whether as a curse or blessing
Thus having it in blood how to stay on the pulpit
Would remind and repeat further:
Come on:
Have we all really forgotten the number of times
We went through more or less a similar experience in these past years?
What is so unique about this one?
Except that now the whole world is going through one of the worst economic crises?
After all, money is just a piece of paper?!?

As a parenthesis
Apparently, Western Medical Scientists have recently announced:
That psychological depression is now the most epidemic disease in the whole world...
As though a simple glance at one-self and others around
Is not enough to see that!
Or one does not see the faces of the people of the world
At the news channels!
In the words of an old proverb, indeed
”They have broken the ghoul’s horn.”
With their approval!
Not disregarding their good efforts
Intended to stop people not disclosing it to their employers
Who can most probably be a victim of the same epidemic dis-ease...
Isn’t the thought of tomorrow’s bread, job security...
The common concern?
And aren’t those very few ‘lucky’ one’s
Without such concerns...
The victim of other anguishes...
Summarized in
“What if?”
The historical uniqueness of the Time
Could be that by the virtue of Western Civilization
The whole people of the world
Are simultaneously experiencing
More or less the same -financial and existential- insecurity
And through extensive migrations and intermingling of races and cultures
Fortunately, it is much much more harder
To separate people of the world
By virtue of their geographical birthplaces, faiths, traditions...
Making it uniquely harder for ‘power-possessors’
To instigate and justify wars on larger scales under such excuses...
Now the people of all countries
Are not only the children and grandchildren of the two world wars,
But, have had or are having this absolutely cursed and uniquely human experience
Of brother-sister slaughtering...
In fact this is maybe the very good news
That psychological depression is now epidemic throughout the world
And we are all “Patients” in this sense
It is hard to make the depressed,
Angry, revengeful, bloodthirsty...
Maybe this is how Heaven has come to help
To prevent
The third world war
The Death of our Planet...

For that not to happen
What else is there to do than keeping our fingers crossed
That the unique cosmological radiations and emanations
Of these couple of years...
Are doing a surgery
On that part of our genes
Responsible for our human predisposition
To Kill our own Kind

If Darwin’s Theory of Evolution really holds true?!?
Then, killing of one’s species among Homo Sapiens
Implies a unique genetic mutation...
In Gurdjieff’s Tale
It could be when an apparatus called Kundabuffer
With the function of taking fantasy as reality
Or seeing things upside down
Was implanted in our kind by Higher Responsible Individuals
Fearing that
Endowed with Reason
Humans would most probably
Commit a collective suicide
Once they realize or find the answer to
“Why was I born?
Why do I die?
What is the meaning for this coming and going”
In Poets words...

Thank Goodness
We don’t know...
And we are all according to latest scientific researches
Are going through an epidemic depression...
With this advanced level of technology of killing, and
With these rulers around the world
As though most having some Alexander, Attila, Chengiz Khan, Aqa Mohammad Khan, Hitler, Stalin and other destructive blood-thirsty conquerors, including
The Priests and High Priests of the Middle Ages
Of all ages
In their blood and type...
It could be really dangerous!!!

Depression Epidemia
Whether diagnosed as such or not..,
When Patient
No matter suffering from what dis-ease
Time seems stagnant..
In contrast to always
Or under normal conditions
It lags, and doesn’t pass
Seconds turn to minutes
Minutes to hours
Hours to years

Depression Epidemia...
Some like Gurdjieff
One should live in a way to decrease
God’s Sorrow
And why God is sorrowful?
Because according to His decision
For to be or not to be
Under the shadow of Time
Suffering is a part of the Story of Life
Then could that mean that we are now collectively experiencing a divine emotion with our flesh and blood?
And what is the remedy?
Mystics utter:
That four-lettered Magic Word
And apparently,
Love or Mehr is
The contract signed between the Prime sources of
Good and Evil
On the day of Creation...

The slogan in the old good blooming days of Sixties was
Make Love, Not War
Followed by de-construction of all moralities
Another ‘virtue’ of Western Civilization
With ‘postmodern’ global result of
Living like our first ancestors in the lush jungles of early days
When Love meant sexual relationship and breeding...
That is Magic too, isn’t it?
That above-mentioned genetic mutation
Taking away the natural instinctive Kindness of our species
Turning us to mass-killers of our own Kind
Depriving us from our original innocence
Maybe marks another turning as well
Poor Humans transform to the sole creature in heaven and on earth
Capable of Conscious Love
“Angels do not know what love is, you wine-server
Pour a cup and splash a drop on Adam’s dust” (Hafez)

Depression Epidemia
Let’s hope:
God is now really Happy, that
We are all sharing His Sorrow with Him to this vast extent
Do you think
He would splash a drop of His joy on us
Out of His inherent Graciousness?
Do you think we will be Patient enough
Like pregnant women
To see the New-Born?


... Payvand News - 10/29/12 ... --

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