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"Days of Life" named best film at New Horizon


Source: Tehran Times

"Days of Life", an Iranian film war drama, was crowned the best feature at the closing ceremony of the first edition of the Iranian international festival of independent filmmakers, New Horizon, at Tehran's Vahdat Hall on Friday.

Hengameh Qaziani (R) and Hamid Farrokhnejad act in a scene from "Days of Life"

Directed by Parviz Sheikhradi, the film is set during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. It is about a physician couple working on the war front at a field hospital that is surrounded by the Iraqis.

The Best Short Film Award of the event went to the French director Marc Joly-Corcoran for his "Piece Coin".


"Piece Coin" - Directed by Marc Joly-Corcoran
'The Piece-Coin' tells the story of an old man who tries to buy a coffee with a pierced coin (French Franc). The story takes place during the morning of 9/11. The old man comes back regularly in the cafe, but most of the customers are drawn to the television that feeds news live reports on the tragedy.

"We Are Wisconsin" directed by Amie Williams from the U.S. won the Best Feature Documentary Award.


"We Are Wisconsin" - Directed by Amie Williams
When a Republican Governor's bill threatens to wipe away worker rights and lock out public debate, six (extra)ordinary citizens join the growing protest at the Wisconsin State Capitol, and spend the next twenty-six days building a movement that not only challenges the bill, but the soul of a nation.

The Best Short Documentary Award of the event went to "Four Horsemen" by Ross Ashcroft from the UK.

 "Four Horsemen" - Directed by Ross Ashcroft, UK
Four Horsemen is the debut feature from director Ross Ashcroft which reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster.

Over 120 foreign movies from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Greece, Denmark, Hong Kong and several other countries were screened at the festival.

The focus of this year's festival was films with the theme of movements against social and political injustice in the world.

Films highlighting the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Islamic Awakening, Islamic resistance against the Zionist regime and the Islamic Revolution of Iran were the festival's first priority.

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