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Photos: Fourth international sculpture symposium kicks off in Tehran


Report by Press TV; photos by Vahid Sohrabi, Mehr News Agency

The fourth edition of International Sculpture Symposium has kicked off in the Iranian capital of Tehran presenting creations of many artists from across the globe.

Some 20 artists are to vie in the main section of the competition while the student section will start with participating 11 artists, said the Secretary-General of the Symposium Seyyed Mohammad-Javad Shoushtari.

A number of artists from the countries of Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Japan and Portugal have flocked to this year's symposium in Tehran.

All participants are required to have experience and ability of working with stone and should be able to bring their creative ideas into realization within the allotted time using the medium of stone.

Furthermore, each artist in the main section will be given at most a marble slab measuring roughly 300100100 centimeters while the artists in the student section should work on the stone with size of 1505050.

Tehran's fourth edition of International Sculpture Symposium that kicked off on September 17 will run about three weeks.

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