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Gurdjieff's Beelzebub' Tales to His Grandson - Part Two: The Question of Gender

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Faith of consciousness is freedom
Faith of feeling is weakness
Faith of body is stupidity.
Love of consciousness evokes the same in response
Love of feeling evokes the opposite
Love of body depends only on type and polarity,
Hope of consciousness is strength
Hope of feeling is slavery
Hope of body is disease.


Part One ended by suggesting to take Beelzebub's Tales as a universal Master-Teacher, as it is the most reliable and unchanging master devoid of all the threatening Kundabufferian traits (egoism, vanity, self-conceit and the like), capable of answering all questions as simple as how to make fry eggs to hardest such as the reason for our being here, the process of dying and what happens after death, how to find real hope, faith and love and... which brings us back to the question of why not presenting a simple guideline in the form of what is being discussed to make this unique book more accessible to truthful Seekers... something like Ariadne's thread to help one to find one's way through Beelzebub's labyrinth.

There are chapters in this uniquely impartial account of Creation, the fundamental cosmic laws of World-Creation and World-Maintenance, and human history on Earth which may sound so 'specialized' and 'impersonal' which can make reading quite tedious, such as those parts in chapters 4, 5 and 6 dealing with space-ships and their differences; or chapter 18 -Arch Preposterous, or what was mentioned before, the story of Beelzebub's visit to Chicago's slaughterhouse. My goodness, don't they appear preposterous indeed in the first readings!?! And there are parts and ideas which sound so absurd at the first glance, as for example, "our sun neither lights nor heats," (chapter 17, Arch-absurd) or our Earth having actually two moons and not one that they can create the same kind of doubt in regard to Gurdjieff's teaching as the doubt he points out in relation to the idea of Christ's physical resurrection, which according to him may cause certain people "to lose faith in the existence of any truth":

"And so, those of these unfortunates, in whom in short there still continued to proceed, very slightly, the functioning of being-mentation according to the law of sane logic, and who had not at all accepted such illogical and unusual incoherencies, ultimately lost all faith in any Truth whatsoever, really given and explained by this Sacred Individual Jesus Christ.

(Chapter on Religion, p.36-37)

Beelzebub is the Pir, the Teacher, whose primary aim is to awaken us. And what can be the quickest and most efficient technique in achieving this goal is of course to give us as many appropriate shocks as possible.

Reminding us of the Instability-of-Human-Reason and "how easy it is to prove and convince this Reason of anything you like" for which: "all that is necessary to know is which shocks and which associations to arouse in the other human brains while one or other "truth" is being proved," he teaches us active mentation, the sole way to distinguish fantasy from reality, for which we need to develop our "Reason of understanding" - involving our emotional and the physical centres - instead of the "Reason of Learning" - which parrots are the best in it in a way. And isn't he a real master in knowing which shocks and which associations to arouse...?!?

The first few encounters with Chapter 17, Arch-Absurd, Our Sun Neither Lights nor Heats, and the idea of our Earth having two Moons, definitely brought about the very hilarious expression on my face, as most probably on yours, predicted by Beelzebub:

And yet, if you should chance to be there among them, you would be unable to prevent the process in yourself of the 'being-Nerhitrogool,' that is, the process which, again there on the Earth, is called 'irrepressible inner laughter'; that is to say, you would not be able to restrain yourself from such laughter, if in some way or another, they were suddenly clearly to sense and understand, without any doubt whatever, that not only does nothing like 'light,' 'darkness,' 'heat,' and so on, come to their planet from their Sun itself, but that their supposed 'source of heat and light' is itself almost always freezing cold like the 'hairless-dog' of our highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin.

Trained to have almost blind faith in sciences produced as the result of modern western education, the target of Gurdjieff's harshest and most frequent criticisms, many of us can be discouraged and even stop reading here when encountering such 'absurd' ideas.

As mentioned in Part One, adapting Beelzebub to our present "mind-set" to prevent readers 'losing faith in the existence of any truth,' can be of little use here, while a simple guideline and reminders of what may their basic primary functions be: To shake and awaken us from our long historical slumber can. In our present example, chapter 17 - dealing with the major world principle Omnipresent Okidanoch (simply electricity), and the role played by atmospheres surrounding planets - not only one can finally find an objective definition and clarification of the enigma of what electricity actually is, but also once the shock does its primary function of creating doubt and arising deep curiosity to see who is after all saying the truth (Beelzebub or our honourable scientists), little by little it becomes clear How Our Sun neither Lights nor Heats.

The same can be said about the next chapter Arch-preposterous, a seemingly 'boring' chapter especially for those not interested in mechanical appliances, 'machines.'?!? (with the 'dislike' most probably originating from the denial of the idea of being of the same nature as machines). It was in the third or fourth reading that on reaching the word Rascoorano, it suddenly occurred: Ah, so that is what this Chapter is all about: the process of dying... As a rule, Gurdjieff presents a definition for his coined words almost immediately, but there are a few instances like this one that the definition is given much later in the book. After all grandfathers know how children love and enjoy the game "Hide & Seek." For playful children, Beelzebub is a unique playground-theatre-hall with never-ending-games-plays for us to "entertain" ourselves!? It is absolutely shocking and regretful how no western critic-scholars who are so excellent in digging deep in every single piece of the world's literature have so far not done the same with this unique artwork - despite being the hidden source of inspiration of many of the so-called famous contemporary artists and scientists. It seems plagiarism is now the rule.

A simple guideline is different from mere speculation. To clarify my point here is an example.

As mentioned in Part One, the question of what maybe the possible meanings of the tale of Chicago Slaughterhouse told in the chapter on America was a burning bugging question, because there was a powerful out of the blue presentiment that most probably it is not merely an illustration and a critique of the art of American Advertisement in which:

"They have indeed become so skillful at 'making elephants out of flies' and they do it so often that already at the present time, on seeing a genuine American elephant, one has to 'remember oneself with the whole of one's being' not to get the impression that it is only a fly."

Why going through so much gory details about the slaughter house per se and what can its comparison with that in Tiflis possibly point to?

"In cleanliness and general organization, the slaughterhouse of the city Tiflis, which I had seen two years before, could have given many points to this slaughterhouse of the city Chicago.

"In the Tiflis slaughterhouse, for example, you would not find anywhere on the floor a single drop of blood, whereas, in the Chicago slaughterhouse, everywhere, at every step, there were pools of it.

How i wished i were an ordinary reader and not the translator to be able to jump over this part in further readings! If so maybe i could put it out of my mind and do not squeeze the 'madcap' or 'bobtailed' brain for its possible underlying meanings, because the 'normal' associations were 'despairingly suffocating,' most of all turning around Nietzsche's talks about 'herd instinct' and the bitter story of the Magician-Shepherd told in Ouspensky's In Search of Miraculous; that is how we are in reality a bunch of hypnotized sheep bred to serve some 'higher' purposes waiting for our time of slaughter to come, or according to Beelzebub: being just some poor unfortunate lot of transforming machines, a simple ring in the great universal chain-process of Iraniranumange (common-cosmic-exchange-of-substances or simply food chain), cursed even more for being endowed with Reason. Each reading increased the state described by Ashiata Shiemash as "Terror of the Situation" and thus necessitated the appeal to "inner evil god of self-calming," despite its categorical interdiction.

Then while going over the published translation this time with the whole legion of an obsessive critical typist-translator-editor-reader-scholar with the heart beating all the time out of fear, lest finding grave mistakes, other than typing, coinciding time-space-wise with Syrians going through the so-called Arab Spring and the role of the two big powers in it, 'the-maybe-insight' dawned.

Can the comparison of the two slaughterhouses symbolize American and Russian ideologies and approaches?

Doesn't pools of blood colour the lands to which America is exporting its hegemony under the pretext of freedom and democracy while Russia pursuing the same goal but apparently without leaving "a single drop of blood" on those lands? It seems 'the proletariat' really knows its job well, immediately scrubbing, washing, mopping the blood stains so well that no trace is left behind, as in slaughterhouse of Tifilis?! By the way, there is also an allusion to a section in the slaughterhouse where the cattle are especially slaughtered for Jews according to "the code of their religion," but let us pause on longer on this question, as what is said here on the whole is more of the nature of speculation, interpretation, exegesis, different from our main question of guidelines - facts which our remaining traces of 'instinctive sensing of reality or truth,' can testify.

Something rings the bell when reminded that Gurdjieff's primary goal is Awakening; and he achieves it partly by his coined words, and partly by introducing what at first glance seems to be 'absurd' ideas to shake, shock and thus arouse or awaken us. Speculations and interpretations do not necessarily help in inspiring the readers to read on and make the necessary efforts; proper guidelines, clues can do. And maybe the best way to distinguish them, is to see our emotional-physical reaction to them. If they ring the bell, then maybe it is that aforementioned 'instinctive sensing of truth or reality' approving. If only there is a mental 'tickling', then it is most probably mere speculation or wiseacring.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Gurdjieff's Teaching is the revival of the law of three in the most practical way; found in the old concept of Trinity, and also in Taoism, but in a rather purely theoretical way. The same concept is also found in theoretical discussions of Zoroastrianism, and before that in the oldest Iranian worldview, Zarvanism which can also be called the cult of Time, as Zarvan means the limitless Time, later giving rise to Ahuramazda and Ahriman symbolizing the good affirming and the evil denying forces respectively. With the passage of time, the three are practically reduced to two simply positive and negative forces, with the third force suffering more or less the same fate as Beelzebub tells about the second moon.

"Contemporary three-brained beings of this peculiar planet do not know of this former fragment of their planet, chiefly because its comparatively small size and the remoteness of the place of its movement make it quite invisible to their sight, and also because no 'grandmother' ever told them that once upon a time any such little satellite of their planet was known.

And what is the third force according to Beelzebub? Theomertmalogos or God-word:

"The Most Most Holy Theomertmalogos began to manifest itself in the quality of the third holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno (law of three).

The qualities enumerated for this second moon above - small size, remoteness of the place of its movement - can also apply to God-Word or Theomertmalogos, otherwise defined as the first emanation of Most Holy Sun Absolute.

On the other hand, this second forgotten moon can also symbolize the 'emotional center' which according to long sophisticated scientific and technical researches of the Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov (chapter 41), for example is "completely atrophied" in contemporary beings which is the main reason of our present appalling state of mentation:

"They do not consider that at that period 'being-mentation' among the beings of this planet was still nearer to that normal mentation, which in general is proper to be present among three-brained beings, and that at that time the transmission of ideas and thoughts was in consequence still what is called 'Podobnisirnian,' or, as it is still otherwise said 'allegorical.'

"In other words, in order to explain to themselves, or to any others, some act or other, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth then referred to the understanding of similar acts which had already formerly occurred among them.

"But, meanwhile, this also now proceeds in them according to the principle called 'Chainonizironness.'

"And this first proceeded there because, thanks as always to the same abnormally established conditions of ordinary existence, their being-mentation began to proceed without any participation of the functioning of their what are called 'localizations of feeling,' or according to their terminology 'feeling center,' chiefly in consequence of which this mentation of theirs finally became automatized.

By the way, this explains why Gurdjieff is the only mystic who says so little about Love (see Gurdjieff, the Founder... for more details). Why waste time to talk about an 'idea' which can now exist only in fantasy, while in Reality, the center responsible for its functioning has been atrophied?!

The second relevant 'by the way' here is that the people of Atlantis as the last people who knew about this 'enigmatic' second moon Anulios, called it Kimpespai meaning: 'Never-Allowing-One-to-Sleep-in-Peace' as the existing absurd preposterous concept of love is doing to our "hypnotized lot" in this era of the fall of patriarchy.

The third possible idea that this second forgotten moon may symbolize can be related to us being:

'Keschapmartnian,' i.e., nearly half-beings, owing to which the completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh (law of Seven) does not proceed at the present time through us or through your favorites, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, exactly as it proceeded in them (that is our remote ancestors who were 'whole' beings).

Apparently, after being halved for any reasons (as for example what is said in Plato's Symposium), the completion of 'law of seven' does no longer take place "in the center of our planet" in contrast to "the majority of the planets of our great Megalocosmos", but "in the earth's satellites." The second moon was sent into oblivion parallel to the rise of patriarchy and sexual discrimination as will be explained later. In the masculine world view, with the status given to women - more or less a no-one-ness- it is interesting to see Beelzebub the Patriarch at least paying attention to it in one instance:

"And by this name 'sperm' they give importance to the totality of the definite substances formed only in the presences of the beings of the 'male sex' and ignore namelessly and with scorn a similar totality of the 'sum-of-the-substances' which arise in beings of the 'female sex.'

The question of gender

Presenting a new English translation has most probably been justified by the culprits (and other Gurdjieffian writers who write books without mentioning their real source of inspiration), with the assumption that in this way they 'up-date' or 'contemporarize' Beelzebub. The question then arises: is there anything more contemporary than the question of gender in our time? Why not help women to break through their 'feminist' shell when they reach the frustration stage in this path, in the sense that they realize feminism has not helped them to be more of a human being, more content and self-fulfilled.

In the Persian translation, i dared to change all 'son(s)' and 'men' to Child(ren), and 'human beings, except the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. True, that this is more difficult for Christian English speaking people because of the familiarity of terms, but isn't the main goal of the first series, Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandchild:

To destroy, mercilessly, without any compromises whatsoever, in the mentation and feelings of the reader, the beliefs and views, by centuries rooted in him, about everything existing in the world.

The first theoretical blow to my feminist shell - already cracked by everyday life - came from Nietzsche who saw trousers-wearing-women -lacking - 'substance', as the main advocates of feminism. "Do you want to liberate a woman? Give her a child, man is only a tool in this process" (not an exact literal quotation). My goodness didn't the world seem to go upside down on encountering his 'reasonable' 'logical' criticism of feminism! From Gurdjieff's perspective, this liberation is most of all transcending Kundabufferian qualities, that is to stop taking fantasy for reality.

In my book Womanhood-Motherhood (found in the net) i showed how the experience of motherhood -giving birth and raising children - can be seen as feminine way of mysticism. Forgetting masculine academic definition of words and terms, women had their own schools of self-development, their own art, their own academics as long as their femininity was their guiding force. When considering the fact that they were not allowed to even read Holy Books, how could they have any ideas that in the masculine interpretation of All and Everything, they are merely the 'tool' of masculine entertainment. Deep down, big deal if they were deprived of 'Reason of Learning!" Nobody could prevent them from reaching 'Reason of understanding', facilitated by their higher amount of sufferings (both quantitatively and qualitatively), higher patience, higher love, higher understanding achieved through motherhood. Yes, true, in an automatic way, yet, men had to leave and go to temples, mountains to achieve the same.

Beelzebub is an open advocate of Patriarchy, believing as any old grandfather believes that women for example can never be "major":

"The point is that, according to that definite cosmic law, all those separate individuals, among whom are numbered also all Keshapmartnian beings of the female sex, are for the transformation of cosmic substances the sources of all those active elements which in further cosmic formations must serve in the process of the Great Holy Law Triamazikamno (law of 3) for fusion as its second holy force, that is, they always are, as is said, the 'negative' or 'passive principle.'

"And so, owing to this definite cosmic law, which I have just mentioned, these sources which transform the active elements which serve as the passive principle can never be free to have any independent manifestations.

Only those sources can have this independence which transform the active elements which must serve for the Holy Triamazikamno as the 'affirming' or 'active principle.'

"That is just why these sources which serve as the passive principle cannot be responsible for their manifestations, that is, they cannot be, as they say, 'major.'

But as we will see later, 'negative' force is not the passive force, but the active one according to Beelzebub's finding in regard to when for the first time in the history of bipeds on Earth, the idea of good and evil was introduced and used. A similar deviation is also found in Chinese Book of Changes, I-Ching.

In the King Wen's commentary of hexagram 2/ K'un/ Receptive, (i.e Yin or feminine principle) we read: "... It is the perfect complement of the Creative - the complement, not the opposite, for the Receptive does not combat the Creative, but completes it."

Then after enumerating some of the qualities of the Receptive, it continues: "However, as applied to human affairs, the principle of this complementary relationship is found not only in the relation between man and woman, but also in that between prince and minister and between father and son. Indeed, even in the individual this duality appears in the coexistence of the spiritual world and the world of senses."

Why introduce the word "duality" which associates not complementariness, but opposition -not only now, but even at King Wen's Times, as his further explanations can testify?

And in the mere polemic and verbalism that follows, the real "cock's tail sticks out": "But strictly speaking there is no real dualism here, because there is a clearly defined hierarchic relationship between the two principles."

Why hierarchic which implies judgement of higher and lower, superior and inferior? The introduction of the concept of hierarchy here is when the sexual discrimination is born in human history and the third force is sent into oblivion and the second moon becomes invisible.

On the other hand, despite agreeing with the conclusion of Higher Individuals living on the Holy Planet Purgatory in regard to the tragic consequences of the origin of the idea of Good and Evil on Earth, Beelzebub is not totally content with their final judgement, that is, blaming its 'innovator' as the main culprit of their doomed-cursed state of ending up in The Holy Planet Purgatory, despite having developed all their higher bodies:

"First of all, my boy, I consider it necessary to tell you sincerely, just to you, my direct substitute, that although all the righteous dwellers on the holy planet, with the help of various and at the same time very elaborate means, made it clear that the fundamental cause of all the abnormalities of the psyche of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy was and until now still is only this maleficent idea, yet nevertheless I cannot myself confirm this categorically.

"Of course it cannot be denied that this fantastic idea played a big part in respect of the gradual so to say 'dilution' of the psyche of these unfortunates."

So in order to find out the Truth for himself, Beelzebub goes through an immense amount of troubles in his sixth trip to Earth to restore the inscription on which these terms were mentioned for the first time during Atlantis civilization. The text of inscription is called Affirming and Denying Influences on Man written by a full member of Akhladan Society (the society of wise or learned beings of Atlantis) called Makary Kronbernkzion, by then already a saint, not only with all the required merits to live on the Holy Planet Purgatory; but he is one of the first candidates of Higher Individuals who appears to be capable of taking the last step of the path which everybody with fully developed higher bodies dream to take: Persian Mystics call it Dissolution in the Beloved. Let's read his text:

"'Evidently we men, also like all the existing units of the World, are formed and always consist of the same three independent forces, by means of which the process of reciprocal maintenance of everything existing proceeds; namely, of the following three independent World forces: "'The first of these forces constantly arises from the causes which proceed in the Prime Source itself and from the pressure of the newly arisen, and issuing from it by momentum, flows out of that Prime Source.

"'The second World force is what this first force becomes, when, after having spent the momentum which it has received, it strives to reblend with the source of its arising, according to the fundamental World law called "The effects of a cause must always re-enter the cause."

"'Both of these forces in the general process of reciprocally maintaining forces are entirely independent, and in their manifestations have always and in everything their own properties and particularities.

"The first of these two fundamental forces, namely, that one which for compelling reasons always manifests outside the source of its arising, must constantly involve; and the second one, on the contrary, striving to blend with the cause of its arising, must always and in everything evolve.

"'Owing to the fact that the first of the mentioned three independent forces arises from vivifying actions proceeding in the very foundation of the cause of everything existing and thus receives in its presence the germ of the possibility of manifesting vivifyingness, it may be considered as "Good," that is, as a factor for the actualizing of the backward-flowing effects which in relation to this first force can and must be considered as "Evil."

"'Moreover, the first of these forces, which is manifested from inevitable and compelling causes arising in the Prime Source itself, can from this point of view be considered as passive. And the second backward-flowing force, because it must constantly resist in order to have the possibility of penetrating backward or at least the possibility of withstanding the opposite-flowing first passive force which has received its momentum from the Prime Source causes, must be regarded as active.

"'And as for the third independent World force, this force is nothing else but only the result of the clash everywhere and in everything of these two fundamental descending and ascending independent forces.

"'Although this third independent force is only the result of both first fundamental forces, it is nevertheless the spiritualizing and reconciling source of every World formation.

"'And it is the spiritualizing source of every World formation because it arises and must exist in them as a presence all the time while the given results exist which arise from various unusual mutual resistances occurring between the said two fundamental forces flowing in entirely opposite directions.'

In contrast to Beelzebub's opinion, it seems 'the origin of any misunderstanding should be sought' not 'in women,' but in men.

According to the above text, the first force is said to be Passive (i.e feminine) and Good (due to its affirming vivifying capacity) while the second is Active (i.e. masculine) and Evil (due to its resisting quality).

It seems both Patriarchs King Wen and Beelzebub, automatically took active as the affirming superior force and passive as the denying inferior force.

Thus it seems, the second catastrophe for our planet, engulfment and disappearance of Atlantis, marks the rise of Patriarchy.

What is said in this inscription totally refutes Beelzebub's reasoning in regard to why women 'can never be major.'

Let's go back to that quotation and re-write it according to Affirming and Denying Influences on Man, keeping in mind that the passive force is the first good force and naturally 'Affirming" while the second, is the active evil Denying force for the reasons enumerated:

...the female sex, are for the transformation of cosmic substances the sources of all those active elements which in further cosmic formations must serve in the process of the Great Holy Law Triamazikamno for fusion as its second holy force (no it is the first holy force), that is, they always are, as is said, the 'negative' (no positive) or 'passive principle.'

"And so, owing to this definite cosmic law, which I have just mentioned, these sources which transform the active elements which serve as the passive principle can never be free to have any independent manifestations (this can not be true then, as according to the definition the passive principle arising directly from the Sun Absolute has "the germ of the possibility of manifesting vivifyingness", in contrast to what is said here) Only those sources can have this independence which transform the active elements which must serve for the Holy Triamazikamno as the 'affirming' or 'active principle' (no, the affirming is the first passive principle, the generative force and not the second active resisting principle).

"That is just why these sources which serve as the passive principle cannot be responsible for their manifestations, that is, they cannot be, as they say, 'major.' (simply not true, and if this is so then it applies to the second masculine principle).

How can a generative force be Denying, anyway? If Beelzebub had seen this point, he then didn't need to go through that hardship to explain why after the second catastrophe - the engulfment of Atlantis - when sexes were separated and segregated from each other and were forced to establish sexual relationship with quadruples, as the result of which, according to Beelzebub, Primates arise, female bipeds could get impregnated while male bipeds could not impregnate.

"Concerning the possibility of this abnormal blending of two different kinds of Exioeharies (that is sperms and eggs) for the conception and arising of a new planetary body of a being, it is necessary to explain to you also the following.

"On the planet Earth, just as on other planets of our Universe where Keschapmartnian three-brained beings breed and exist, that is to say, those three-brained beings the formation of whose Exioehary for the purpose of creating a new being must obligatorily proceed in the presences of two distinct independent sexes, the fundamental difference between the sacred Exioeharies formed in the presences of the distinct and opposite sexes of Keschapmartnian beings, that is to say, in 'men' and 'women,' is that in the Exioehary formed in the presences of beings of the male sex the localized sacred 'affirming' or 'positive' force of the sacred Triamazikamno participates; while for the completed formation of the Exioehary in the presences of beings of the female sex, there participates the localized sacred 'denying' or 'negative' force of the same sacred law, (just the opposite according to that text, thereby) the same re-vision needs to be considered here.

Based on all that is said above, female egg is the passive 'affirming' 'positive' force and sperm the active 'denying' 'negative' force of the sacred law of three. Beelzebub indirectly gives further evidence when he explains who can impregnate who and for what reasons. Let us read what he says:

"And owing to the same all-gracious foresight and command of our FATHER of Everything Existing in the Great Universe, and according to the actualizations of Great Mother Nature, then in certain surrounding conditions

and with the participation of the third separately localized holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, namely, the holy force called 'Reconciling,' the blending of these two Exioeharies (sperms and egg) arising in two distinct independent different beings just gives, owing to the process called 'the process of the sacred Elmooarno' (sexual relationship) which proceeds between those beings of opposite sex, the beginning for the arising of a new being.

"And the possibility in the given case of such an abnormal blending of two different kinds of Exioehary then occurred owing only to a certain cosmic law called the 'affinity of the number of the totality of vibrations,' which proceeded owing to the second Transapalnian perturbation to this ill-fated planet (leading to disappearance of Atlantis) and which then still continued to act for its own common presence.

First of all, no matter, how 'unscientific' the idea of Primates arising from humans and not vice versa may appear at the first glance, but it can not be denied that the idea is the best 'reasonable, logical' substitute for the Lost Ring of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Secondly, it can to some extent explain the necessity of producing and discharging so many sperm during "the sacred process of Elmooarno."

Considering that sperms and eggs fuse according to 'affinity of the number of the totality of vibration', the higher the number of sperms the higher is the possibility that that One single Egg ready for impregnation will be fertilized. Knowing that women are born with one to two million immature eggs with the end result of having 400,000 follicles at puberty and producing 400 mature eggs in their life time, which can genetically be different among different women from various geographical locations, then men discharging from 20 to 280 millions sperms (100 million on average) during each act of Elmooarno comes to make a bit more sense. The astonishing high number of both eggs and sperms ensures not only fertilization, that is survival of the species and variation within the species, but also decreases the chance of genetic deformities or negative mutations. And who is making the decision? As in the whole animal kingdom, the affirming passive female, in our species, in the form of the 'number of the totality of vibration' of that one-ready-to-be-fertilized egg.

"Meanwhile know, concerning this question, that in general everywhere on normally existing planets of our Great Universe the Exioehary formed in the presence of a three-brained being who has perceptive and transformative

organs for localizing the holy affirming part of the sacred Triamazikamno, that is to say, a Keschapmartnian being of the male sex (the affirming is the female sex) can, owing to the just-mentioned cosmic law, never be blended with the Exioehary formed in the presence of a Keschapmartnian two-brained being of the opposite sex.

"At the same time, the Exioehary formed in the three brained Keschapmartnian being of the female sex can sometimes- in those cases when a special combination of the blending of cosmic forces is obtained and the mentioned

law comes into effect-be completely blended under certain surrounding conditions with the Exioehary formed in two-brained Keschapmartnian beings of the male sex, but only as the active factor in such an actualizing process of the fundamental sacred Triamazikamno.


The human male can not impregnate lower animals because their females can not conceive the offspring of a higher being. They have not the required genetic information in their 'gene-pool' according to the law "ontology repeats phylogeny" - as the most basic evidence- while the human female being both the affirming force and of higher level of being can hold the foetus of a lower being, in the same way that any more advanced version of a computer software can open its previous less advanced versions and not vice versa. That is why female exioehary 'can be completely blended under certain conditions with the exioehary formed in 2-brained Keschapmartnian beings of the male sex" while male's can not, simply because she is the affirming force, standing on a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder.

Hopefully the above re-vision will heal feminine historical hysteria rooted in the dominant masculine interpretation of All & Everything. As the main sex responsible for survival of the next generation, women are endowed with a more powerful 'emotional' and 'instinctive' centers (working with higher Hydrogens (24 and 12) compared to mental center working with Hydrogen 48)) and thus that perishing faculty which Beelzebub calls "instinctive sensing of the truth or reality" could and can not perish at the same rate as in men (see Womanhood-Motherhood, Psychology of Women, Psychology of Men, for more wiseacring). One can go hysterical when something is deeply felt, but can not be proven according to existing evidences, particularly when one's mental center is not developed according to masculine criteria and evaluations of All & Everything, for one's emotions to sound 'reasonable' 'sane' and 'logical'.

Reaching the following part with my feminist shell intact didn't 'I' madly 'grow vainly indignant' again at first?

"The King Solomon hastened then to establish this custom because, during his wise reign, he had often constated that when beings of the female sex experienced the state of menstruation their character became for the surrounding beings, especially for their husbands, not only intolerable, but in respect of resulting 'inconsistent relations and dealings' with other beings like themselves, even psycho-organically harmful; and he therefore decided without delay to promulgate a severe law for his subjects according to which special isolated buildings were compulsorily constructed near every populated district in which to confine the beings of the female sex for the whole duration of their said state.

"I even chanced to read the law he promulgated. "In this law it was said, among other things, that women during their menstruation are, in the consecrated sense, unclean; and that during these periods, for others, and especially for their husbands, not only to touch them, but to speak with them, is the highest sacrilege and a crime.

"An unclean force or evil spirit will enter into those husbands or into men in general who touch or even speak with them during this period; in consequence of which there would be among men in their everyday relations and affairs only misunderstandings, quarrels, and enmity.

"This last statement of this great 'Earth-sage,' King Solomon, remains today an unchangeable truth.

"And indeed, at the present time, this also is one of the numerous causes thanks to which, in the general complexity, ordinary existence has already become nonsensical in the extreme for the beings of your planet.

"In the contemporary 'Earth-beings' of the female sex, there is still further increased during these states that specific property of theirs which was acquired in them during recent centuries and which they call 'hysteria,' and during this state of theirs they bring surrounding beings, particularly their husbands, to this, that the latter become like those beings there of whom our great Mullah Nassr Eddin says:

"'The purpose of their existence is to be the victims of leeches.'

"And indeed, it is only because the contemporary beings of the female sex go about freely during 'menstruation' that many contemporary beings of the male sex not only can never have good and kind relations with each other, but on account of this, very frequently become genuine what are called 'later-repenting blasphemers.'

In our language the state described above by great Patriarch Solomon is called PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), isn't it? (hopefully, i will not suffer the same fate that Beelzebub predicted for his grandson when he dared to call men 'slugs', that is be anathematized, for saying this!)

When feeling nervous, irritable, vulnerable, itchy, aren't our close ones the first victims of our state? Can't the state be contagious? A couple going through a fight in the evening, could very well wake up in a bad mood, and transmit the mood to their colleagues, can't they?

Now the solution of our remote ancestors - quite cruel - was to isolate women during that period. In a few old remaining Zoroastrian houses in the city of Kerman, south of Iran, one can still see those rooms where women of the house were 'imprisoned' during their menstruation.

Yet, there is a very important point overlooked here which is no longer surprising but expectable from dominant masculine patriarchal point of view, with the result of putting the blame only on women's natural change of mood. How can they be called wise, if they did not even try to see why Mother Nature saw such a state necessary?

Considering the question in the natural language of hormones, the sexual derive in women should be highest during their ovulation time. It would reach its lowest level, at the time of menstruation. Having little sexual derive at that time, they would naturally get 'angry and frustrated' if approached by men, and on insistence they can get 'hysterical' which is a state that according to Beelzebub... they bring surrounding beings, particularly their husbands, to this, that the latter become like those beings there of whom our great Mullah Nassr Eddin says:

"'The purpose of their existence is to be the victims of leeches.'

Particularly their husbands, because it is them initiating the hysteria, if seen from the above perspective... Mother Nature didn't find it appropriate for humans to have sex when the woman is bleeding. So they did not want any 'leeches' around?!! And don't get men frustrated and 'leech-ous' if they are not able to gratify their sexual need?

Beelzebub believes that men can only think properly only when their basic needs (hunger and sex) are fulfilled (Chapter 45, Beelzebub's opinion of War). Therefore, in addition to that 'unclean evil force or evil spirit entering into husbands and men" during women's menstruation, the fact that men's sexual need is not fulfilled during these periods, could be even more important in provoking "misunderstandings, quarrels and enmity among men in their everyday relations", isn't it true?

It is amazing how even in our era, women scientists do not try to unravel the possible causes of PMS, instead of blaming men for the continuation of Patriarchal world view by turning into automatic feminists. Aren't these men our 'sons' brought up by us this way?

I suspect another factor which may also play a role in our silence toward this seemingly cruel treatment. It can be looked at as the only 'time-off' for women from all heavy responsibilities of girlhood-womanhood-motherhood.

As a solution King Solomon establishes three temples for the three sexes:

"In the sacred Gynekokhrostiny, built for the beings of the female sex, each of these beings was obliged at certain periods, namely, at those periods which contemporary beings call 'menstruation,' to stay without leaving. Moreover, the women, acknowledging themselves to be passive beings, had to be, the whole time of their stay there, only passive, in order that the vibrations issuing through their radiations should serve as the passive part of that same sacred law for their further vivifyingness.

"And hence they passed their whole time in these Gynekokhrostiny in a state of complete passivity, trying consciously not to think about anything.

"With this aim in view, they tried to have no active experiencings during their monthly states, and in order that thoughts flowing by association should not hinder them from concentrating, everything was arranged so that their thoughts should be directed the whole time to wishing well to their present or future children."

And what they gained for themselves, can be known by the end result of the same 'meditations' performed by men in their corresponding 'temples'

"In the male temples, namely, in the Agoorokhrostiny, beings of the male sex of the given locality or of the given district performed in turn corresponding 'mysteries' while in the special state called 'self-remembering.'

"The beings of the continent Atlantis had a definite notion that beings of the male sex are sources of active manifestation, and hence in their Agoorokhrostiny they gave themselves up to active and conscious contemplation the whole time, and in this state performed these corresponding

sacred mysteries, so that there should be transubstantiated in them the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis (substances) "by which the higher being-bodies of three-brained beings, namely, the body Kesdjan and the body of the Soul, are in general formed and perfected" "formed by means of conscious labors and intentional sufferings.)

"And they did this deliberately and with full consciousness in order that this certain sacred substance, liberated in them, and issuing through their radiations for its further vivifyingness, should become the active part of that sacred law which they call the 'Holy Trinity.'

Beelzebub does not say when men performed the above meditations and mysteries, but as he says women spent in those Gynekokhrostiny-s during their menstruation, then one can assume this could be the same time that men took asylum in their Agoorokhrostiny-s, which helped to reduce their sexual derive to say the least.

It is like menstruation was the time for spiritual practice!

For those wondering what the third sex is, and what they do in their temple, see chapter 43, Beelzebub's Survey of the Process of Periodic Reciprocal Destructions of Men or Beelzebub's Opinion of War.




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