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Photos: Iran's Intelligence Ministry holds exhibition of achievements in countering sabotage activities


Report by Tehran Times; photos by Yunes Khani Mehr News Agency

Iranian Intelligence Ministry held an exhibition of its achievements in countering sabotage activities against the country's industrial, nuclear, and military facilities in Tehran on Tuesday.

Faulty and sabotaged equipment seized by Iranian security forces were put on display at the exhibition, which was the first of its kind since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The equipment had been imported to Iran to be used for carrying out acts of sabotage in the country's industrial and nuclear facilities, according to an informed source in the Intelligence Ministry.

He also said that the main battle between the Islamic Republic and the West is a battle of intelligence, adding that the intelligence agencies of Western countries and the Zionist regime have focused their efforts on gathering and analyzing information about Iran's industrial and nuclear facilities and conducting intelligence operations against the Islamic Republic.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the informed source said that the Intelligence Ministry has discovered a laboratory in southern U.S. where industrial equipment imported from certain countries are sabotaged and then re-exported to other countries.


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