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Iranian nuclear negotiators arrive in Almaty


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The Iranian delegation has arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in preparation for the latest meeting with the G5+1 to discuss nuclear concerns.

Iran has been urged by Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief and chief negotiator for the G5+1, to respond to the package it was offered in the last round of talks.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Iran's lead negotiator, Saeed Jalili, the head of Iran's Supreme Council of National Security, arrived in Almaty on Wednesday April 3, together with representatives from the Foreign Ministry and other diplomats, to meet with the G5+1 representatives on April 6 and 7.

In the last round of talks, the world powers presented Iran with a new package of proposals, and informed diplomats have reported that it includes the suspension of uranium enrichment at the Fordo nuclear site, with the option of keeping a stockpile of 20-percent-enriched uranium in Iran to provide fuel for its research reactor in Tehran.

Earlier, Iran was being called on to dismantle the Fordo site and transfer its entire stockpile of high-grade uranium out of the country.

The last round of talks has been called a "turning point" and very "positive." A U.S. official said on Thursday further progress in the talks depends on Iran's response to the latest package of proposals.

Saeed Jalili was quoted as saying that some of the issues addressed in the package were more "realistic" and there was an "attempt to get closer to Iran's point of view."

Iran insists that, despite Western suspicions, its nuclear program is completely peaceful.

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