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Iranˈs cyber-police condemns EU, US move against FATA


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency, Tehran

Iranˈs cyber police (FATA) condemned here Sunday the hostile move of the European Union and the US Department of Treasury against Fata. On March 12, Fata was blacklisted by the EU for what it referred to as "the violation of the human rights."

Fata is a unit of Iranˈs Police founded in January 2011 to counter Internet-based crimes.

In a statement posted on its official website, Fata strongly condemned the ˈone-sidedˈ act of the EU and the US Department of Treasury, terming the move as an act against international laws and regulations.

The act is a blatant example of violating the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran and of interfering in its internal affairs, said the statement.

It said that the move was taken to expose Fata to the politicized sanctions of western powers.

ˈFata is a newly-established body in charge of maintaining the security of cyber space for Iranian citizens by relying on the innovation and creativity of Iranian experts,ˈ said the statement.

It added that at the international level too, Fata, has, so far, succeeded in proving its good-will and determination to help safeguard security of the international cyber space by working with some international bodies including the Interpol and police departments of other countries such as that of the US (during an operation code-named the ˈUS City Bank Operationˈ), the statement added.

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by Mana Neyestani - September 2012

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