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Source: Iran Heritage Foundation

13-14 April 2013
St Mary's College, University of St Andrews

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Symposia Iranica, an international, biennial graduate conference with 99 speakers and 24 panels on 13-14 April 2013. The symposium seeks to challenge and support current and future generations of scholars in Iranian studies by facilitating dialogue and exchange, broadening knowledge and understanding of the wider field, and supporting professional development.

Hosted by the University of St Andrews, speakers from more than sixteen countries will present papers on a range of topics which include: ancient, medieval and modern Iranian history; poetry; classical and contemporary Persian literature; nationalism and identity; Persian art and architecture; and Persianate influences in India.


Attendance is free but registration in advance is required. Please visit

List of Panels, Saturday 13th April 2013

  1. Sites and Artefacts Revisited: Pre-Historic and Ancient Iran
  2. The Living Object: Inquiries into the Production, Use, and Appropriation of Persian Works on Paper in the University of Michigan Islamic Manuscripts Collection
  3. Linguistic, Literary and Architectural Insights: Iran and Beyond
  4. Studies in the late-Qajar Period: Episodes and Encounters
  5. Art & Architecture: Influence and Influences
  6. Perspectives on Classical Persian Literature
  7. Iranian Womanhood: Perceptions and Realities
  8. Cross-Cultural Engagement in the Safavid and Early-Qajar Periods
  9. Islamic Ghazni: New Data and Research Perspectives
  10. India and Iran
  11. Twentieth Century Iran

For further details of the programme on Saturday, including speakers, the panel Chair, and times, please see the website here.

List of Panels, Sunday 14th April 2013

  1. Contact, Communication and Exchange in Mongol Iran
  2. Peerless Images and Persian Painting
  3. Iranian Diasporas
  4. US-Iranian Relations in the 20th Century
  5. Nationalisms and Identities
  6. Architecture and Urbanism
  7. 20th Century Literature
  8. Sufis and Sultans: Sunni and Shi'i Sufism and Relations with the State
  9. Meaning and Interpretation: Religions and Beliefs
  10. Contemporary Iran
  11. From Elam to the Achaemenids: The World of Ancient Persia
  12. Poetry: its Usages and Evolution
  13. Obstacles to Detente: Iran in the 21st Century

For further details of the programme on Sunday, including speakers, the panel Chair, and times, please see the website here.

Special Sessions

Nationalism and the Enlightenment
Discussants: Professor Ali M. Ansari, University of St Andrews; Dr Michael Axworthy, University of Exeter; Dr Lloyd Ridgeon, University of Glasgow.

Early Career Scholars Q&A
Panellists: Professor Ali M. Ansari, British Institute of Persian Studies; Professor Robert Hillenbrand, University of Edinburgh; Ms Maria Marsh, I.B.Tauris Publishers; Ms Kathy van Vliet-Leigh, Brill Academic Publishers; Mr Seth Priestman, The British Museum and the University of Southampton.
The Hagiography and Historiography of Medieval Iran
Discussants: Dr Evrim Binbas, Royal Holloway, University of London; Professor David Dumville, University of Aberdeen; Professor Charles Melville, University of Cambridge.
The Art and Architecture of Islamic Iran
Discussants: Professor Sussan Babaie, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London; Professor Robert Hillenbrand, University of Edinburgh.

Organised by

Mr Armin Yavari and Mr Michael Pye

Supported by

Iran Heritage Foundation, the British Institute of Persian Studies, the Soudavar Memorial Foundation, Magic of Persia, the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, the Royal Historical Society, the Bibliographical Society, I.B.Tauris Publishers, the Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development and the School of History at the University of St Andrews.


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