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Iranian airline SAHA halts operation due to outdated fleet


Source: Mehr News Agency

All flights of Iranian airline SAHA have been stopped due to its outdated aircrafts. The airline, which has been established by the Air Force of Iran, has operated for 23 years, but the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran stopped its operation due to outdated aircrafts. SAHA owns four planes, including three Boeing 707s with an average age of 36.8 years.

Saha Air Lines Boeing 707 at Mashhad in January 2011. (photo by Danial Haghgoo)

Civil Aviation Organization of Iran director Hamid-Reza Pahlavani told the Fars News Agency that the airline's planes have been grounded as of April 9.

Many airplanes of the national fleet have been grounded due to financial problems, head of the association of Iranian airlines, Abdolreza Mousavi, said, adding that spare parts and components are purchased from second-hand sources with great difficulties.

On January 14, Iran increased the price of fuel for international flights by 14,200 rials ($1.1) to 21,200 rials ($1.7), a triple rise within a week, The Jomhouri Eslami daily reported.

National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company says the airlines owe 5 trillion rials (about $410 million) to the company. The airlines believe that rising fuel prices has increased their costs up to 300 percent.

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