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Tiffany Ariany stars in L.A. GIRLS comedy web series



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Iranian-American actress Tiffany Ariany is part of the cast of the new web series comdey "L.A. Girls"

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Background & Development

L.A. GIRLS is a spoof/spin off of the hit HBO show GIRLS. The web series takes the iconic characters from GIRLS and spins them into the Los Angeles versions.

L.A. GIRLS is a raunchy comedy web series that pushes the limits of what has been seen on the web. The goal was to make these episodes short and concise while still driving the plot forward. The material is edgy while never taking itself too seriously.

L.A. Girls official poster

Kylie Sparks who has appeared on hit shows such as Bones, Desperate Housewives, Melissa and Joey, Greek, and the film, Pizza, stars as the unconventional hero “Hannah”. The rest of the main cast includes Tiffany Ariany (New Girl, Up All Night) as “Shoshana”, Rya Meyers (Pretty Little Liars, The Flip Side) as “Marnie”, and Victoria Bullock as “Jessa”. A special guest-star appearance is made by Austin Rogers from the web series Squaresville and viral hit School of Thrones.

Tiffany Ariany as SHOSHANA
(Official screen shot from Episode One)
Tiffany's IMDB:

Prior to L.A. GIRLS, Kylie Sparks and Tiffany Ariany worked together on the critically acclaimed web series Squaresville. On set, the two instantly formed a friendship and were eager to collaborate on a project. Tiffany Ariany came up with the idea of L.A. GIRLS and then brought on Matt Blessing, a graduate of the film program from the University of Miami. He co-wrote the series with Tiffany Ariany and also directed all five episodes. Tiffany Ariany and Matt Blessing share an Executive Producer credit while Kylie Sparks has a Producer credit.

Kylie Sparks as HANNAH
(Official screen shot from Episode One)
Kylie's IMDB:

The first of five episodes aired:

Wednesday, AUGUST 7th , 8AM EST/ 5AM PST.

The remaining episodes are airing every Wednesday.

The official L.A. GIRLS social network sites:

L.A. GIRLS Episode 1: “Judaism, Nepotism, and Broken Dreams”:

Rya Meyers as MARNIE
(Official screen shot from Episode One)
Rya's IMDB:


The first episode introduces us to the four girls, starting with HANNAH (Kylie Sparks), a delusional struggling actress. We see her get financially cut off by her parents, forcing her to navigate the Hollywood scene without money. Meanwhile, MARNIE (Rya Meyers), an aspiring filmmaker, tries to maintain a relationship with her psychotic boyfriend. On the other side of town, JESSA (Victoria Bullock), a Venice Beach hipster, moves in with her step-cousin, SHOSHANA (Tiffany Ariany), a Beverly Hills Jewish Princess.

The rest of the four episodes follow these characters as each of them experience various struggles, creating comical scenarios. We see everything from failing Hollywood aspirations, revelations about their sexuality, and strange physical symptoms that could potentially be a deadly disease.

Fans of the show GIRLS will recognize some spoofed story lines. On the other hand, those not familiar with the HBO show can still follow L.A. GIRLS since it stands alone as a spin off.

Join the girls on their misadventures in Los Angeles, a city made for bad decisions...

Victoria Bullock as JESSA
(Official screen shot from Episode One)
Victoria's IMDB:


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