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Photos: Tepe Zagheh Early Urban Settlement In Qazvin, Iran


Photos by Erfan Dadkhah, Mehr News Agency

Teppe Zagheh is an early urban settlement located near Qazvin, Iran.

Tepe Zagheh is located c. 60km south of Qazvin city and 140km west of Tehran in Qazvin plain on the Central Plateau of Iran. The site covers 210m x 145m (c. 4ha), with nearly 6m of occupation deposits. The chronology of the site is debated. Malek Shahmirzadi (1977) has argued that the lower phase of Zagheh corresponds to the Archaic Plateau period (Pottery Neolithic), earlier than 6000 BC, while the upper phase is attributed to the Early Plateau (transitional Chalcolithic). New radiocarbon dates derived from the re-excavation of Zagheh in 2001, however, indicate that the site had only a single period (Transitional Chalcolithic); it was settled c. 5370-5070 BC and abandoned c.4460-4240 BC. (source: Counting objects: new evidence from Tepe Zagheh, Qazvin plain, Iran by Hassan Fazeli Nashli & Niloufar Moghimi)


Map of Iran and location of Qazvin Province.
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