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Tehran Allows Test Run Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Tehran has issued a licence for the establishment of the city's first alcohol rehabilitation centre. ISNA reports that the head of the Public Health Department's Addiction Prevention Centre announced that the licence is for a pilot project for the treatment of alcoholics.

Iran's non-alcoholic beer Behnoush

The authorities say no other licences will be issued until the outcome of the first project has been evaluated.

Public Health officials claim that such a licence has been denied up to now by request of the Interior Ministry.

The head of security forces has said that 200,000 people across the country suffer from alcohol addiction. At the licensed treatment centre, each patient will undergo treatment of 25 days to a month.

Islamic Republic laws forbid the use of alcohol, and alcohol consumption in prohibited for Muslims.

Alcohol confiscated by Iranian security forces

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