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12/03/13 Bookmark and Share
FM says pleased with breaking decades-old mistrust with west, anxious about US illogical approach

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that he was pleased with breaking barrier of decades-old mistrust with the western governments by the nuclear deal, but, he was anxious about the US illogical approach.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

FM says pleased with breaking decades-old mistrust with west, anxious about US illogical approach.

He told Persian language Iran newspaper that he is also concerned about unfair statements of certain Arab governments about Iranian nuclear program.

Iran and the members of the Group 5+1 (US, Britain, Russia, France and China plus Germany) held talks in the Swiss city from November 20-24. After five days of intensive discussions, the two reached a first step agreement on a step-by-step settlement of the nuclear dispute which would lead to a comprehensive agreement.

Referring to the Geneva talks, Zarif said, ˈWe are at the beginning of a long way.

The Geneva deal is not a final agreement.

The foreign minister regretted that behavior of certain states, US in particular, damages mutual trust.

ˈTaking coordinated steps by the two sides would be a great help for confidence building and implementation of primary agreements,ˈ Zarif stressed.

He acknowledged the state of mistrust on part of Iranian people toward the US government and said, ˈIranians have no trust in the other side and working in such situation is difficult."

Commenting on his regional tour to Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, Zarif said he went to the three regional countries to assure them that Geneva agreement poses no threat to their national interests.

"Some of our friends were concerned that we put their national interests in danger during latest nuclear talks in Geneva. I decided to visit regional states to explain them that their interests would be served with implementation of the agreement.ˈ

Zarif rejected the idea that his visit to the region took place in the context of the Geneva agreement.

"The motive for a visit to the region existed even before the Geneva talks. I had made clear my decision to visit the neighboring states in an interview with ash-Sharq al-Awsat."

Iran's nuclear deal has nothing to do with regional countries, Zarif said.

He said Tehran has always pursued a strategy which made other regional countries to feel convinced about Iranian policies and trust it.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran advocates good neighborly relations with the regional states and is determined to convey sense of peace and security to them.

Zarif advises students to get rid of cold-war era attitude to serve national interests

Mohammad-Javad Zarif on Tuesday called on university students to get rid of cold-war era attitude to serve national interests.

Zarif advises students to get rid of cold-war era attitude to serve national interests.

He told a group of students at Tehran University that the old-style cold-war mentality would not help meet national interests and national goals, rather they must explore the current situation with the aim of serving national interests.

"Those false thinking that you can ensure national interests with the cold-war era attitude has failed. We are now passing through the so-called the transition period. the transition period means gone is the past and a new form of international relations still to take shape; so we can not say for sure we have a bipolar or multipolar world."

He added, "The current situation is transient making it possible for middle powers like us to move recognizing the situation well, you will be able to promote national interests. The conditions are however so much difficult and complicated."

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