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DOCUMENTARY: Iranian Israelis: life in the shadow of a conflict


A documentary by Bahram Sadeghi & Dikla Zeidler from Amsterdam

While not one day goes by without the news headlines speaking about the animosity between Iran and Israel, you would almost forget that there are also Iranians living in Israel: Iranian Jews who moved to Israel shortly after the independence of Israel or after the Islamic revolution in 1979. How does this community of nearly 250,000 souls cope with the daily tension between their homeland and their promised land?

Iranian Israelis: life in the shadow of a conflict
This documentary was aired on Dutch national TV on Sunday, November 17th

Bahram Sadeghi (born & raised Iranian and living since his eighteenth in the Netherlands) and Dikla Zeidler (born in Eilat to an Israeli father and a Dutch mother, living in the Netherlands since she was eight) decided to ask some well-known Iranian Israelis, including singer Rita and radio presenter Menashe Amir, the simple question: What is it like to be an Iranian Israeli?

Bahram and Dikla with Iranian Israelis singer Rita

Dikla Zeidler graduated from the School of Journalism in Utrecht, Holland and her first documentary was aired on Dutch TV in May: 'Sister, Soldier'.

Bahram Sadeghi's background is TV, but he also published his first book last year: 'Why are you so poor? About the causes of poverty in the poorest country in the world'. 

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