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Photos: Temple of Anahita at Kangavar


Photos by Bahmaz Zarei, Islamic Republic News Agency

The Anahita Temple is the name of one of two archaeological sites in Iran popularly thought to have been attributed to the ancient deity Anahita. The larger and more widely known of the two is located at Kangavarin Kermanshah Province. The other is located at Bishapur.

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The remains at Kangavar reveal an edifice that is Hellenistic in character, and yet display Persian architectural designs. The plinth's enormous dimensions for example, which measure just over 200m on a side, and its megalithic foundations, which echo Achaemenid stone platforms, "constitute Persian elements". This is thought to be corroborated by the "two lateral stairways that ascend the massive stone platform recalling Achaemenid traditions", particularly that of the Apadana Palace at Persepolis.

Another Iranian construction with Hellenistic characteristics is the Khurra mausoleum in Markazi Province.

Dispute exists among scholars on the correct identity of the main structure at the site. The Encyclopaedia Iranica in this regard concludes: "Until detailed further excavations are carried out, no definite judgments may be declared on the function of Kangavar platform" (read more on wikipedia)

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