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Photos: Tehran's Laleh Park Hosts Land Art Festival


Report by Tehran Times; photos by Marzieh Mousavi, Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran's Laleh Park is currently playing host to a festival of land art works. The Tehran Municipality has organized the festival, which commenced on Sunday. "Due to its mission and attraction, the environmental art belongs to the future," festival secretary Ahmad Nadalian said during the opening ceremony of the event.

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Nadalian has previously organized over 30 festivals of land art around the village of Polur near Mount Damavand, which is his main place of residence.

Tehran Municipality's Beautification Organization Director Mohammad-Javad Shushtari also attended the ceremony.

"Our outlook on the land art differs from that of other nations. We are still realizing our full potential in this art form," Shushtari said.

"However, works of Iranian land artists are comparable in quality with works of artists elsewhere in the world," he added.

He said that taking this art among the citizenry had never been attempted anywhere before.

A group of land artists selected by Nadalian is scheduled to create works in some stations of the Tehran Metro during the upcoming days.

"By this action, we try to create an atmosphere to encourage people to think in this crowded world, which is full of disturbances," Shushtari said.

All materials used in creating the land art works have been drawn from the nature and cause no pollution, he noted.

The festival runs until April 1 in Laleh Park located on the Keshavarz Boulevard.


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