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Photos: New Year Celebration Held at Sarkis Church in Tehran


Photos by Erfan Khoshkhoo, ISNA

Iran's Armenian Christian community held a ceremony at Sarkis Church in Tehran on Saturday night to celebrate the New Year 2013. During the ceremony, special prayers were said and New Year's bread was distributed among those attending the celebration.


While Iran is officially designated the "Islamic Republic," among its more than 66 million people is a small but important Christian minority. Most of Iran's Christians are Armenians and Assyrians, who remain relatively free to follow their faith.

The numbers of Protestants and evangelical Christians are said to be growing. For these people, life is often much more difficult. A number of Christian denominations still live in Iran today and include Assyrians, Armenians, Catholics, Protestants and Evangelical Christians. Although a minority religious group in Iran, Christians of Iran are free to practice their religion and perform their religious rituals. (see article)

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