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Photos: The Ameri's House in Kashan


Photos by Amin Rahmani, Mehr News Agency

The Ameri family house is a sprawling traditional home in the central city of Kashan, Iran. The house, originally built during the Zand era (1750-94), was rebuilt in the mid 19th century after a series of earthquakes leveled the city of Kashan in the 18th century.

The house was built by Agha Ameri, the governor of Kashan, who made a fortune provisioning the shah with weaponry and maintaining security on the route between Tehran and Kerman. The house comprises seven courtyards and covers 9,000 square meters. Within its walls are two bathhouses, one of which was provided for local pregnant women to use.

The house was in a precarious state of neglect until 1999, when restoration work began. After several million dollars were spent, portions of the house were slated to be reopened as a high-end traditional hotel.

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360 degree view of the Ameri House

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