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CIA Agents Arrested In Tehran: Iranian News Agency


Iranian News Agency Mehr News Agency published the following story and photos today claiming that several CIA undercover agents have been identified and arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

TEHRAN, Jan. 17 (Mehr News Agency) - Iranian Intelligence Ministry has said that its agents have discovered a group of CIA undercover agents in what the Ministry defined as 'constant and smart operations.' Part of the operation has been carried out in France and elsewhere.

Matti Waluk, a CIA operator and executive of a CIA intelligence plan was arrested by security and intelligence agents of Iran along with other members of anti-Iran group.

"In 2008, I registered an employment website, NGR, and signed contracts with European prestigious companies to introduce expert human force to them. In 2009, an individual calling himself Steven Logano, contacted me via Prizma Company Email, purportedly to cooperate," Mati Waluk accounts.

"In first days, I recognized that his real name was not Steven Logano, and that he is a senior CIA officer, with mission of infiltrating Iranian elite circles and collecting information on Iranian developments in hi-tech industries," he adds.

Logano, like other members of the group, fell into the Iranian intelligence agents' trap. In the past, several American had come to Iran for spying, among them were Stephan Richmond, born in 1967, and a US national, and Mark Anthony Vandiar, born in 1958, and a South African national.

These two CIA agents came to Iran under the titles of 'biotechnology researchers'. They knew that Iran had achieved much in terms of biotechnology developments in more than a decade. They had made friends with science elites in Iran by holding scientific in biotechnology conferences in their own expenses, and transferred their personal information to CIA.

A third CIA agent was Faisal, a Morocco national, with higher education in IT, entered Iran to identify Iranian software and hardware elites, and inform US intelligent centers about that. He purportedly registers a company which was actually an undercover information center for his spies.

Herio Macherosa, with an eastern Asian country passport, was sent to collect critical information on nuclear program under the cover of scientific activity, and deliver them to western intelligence institutes.

A fourth agent was a Malaysian national, Douglas Fernandez, a Christian. To avoid the suspicions, introduces himself as Ali Abdrani. His mission was collecting information on nuclear program and military projects of Iran.

He was well aware that Iran had launched in rapid developments in science, and hence, was sent by CIA for spying. His disciple had made contacts with his targeted individuals on the Internet in Iran and had made appointments inside Iran, to identify and elicit sensitive information from them under commercial cooperation, and even put their names in assassination list of western sources.

The plan was aborted by the Iranian intelligence system tracking the agents , and thus their mission, who would endanger Iran's critical structures, had it failed.

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