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Iran curtails spread of "culture of Valentine"


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iranian customs has issued an order banning all goods that are linked in any way to Valentine's Day.

Valentine Day: February 14, 2013

ISNA reported on Saturday January 26 that in its latest directive, Iran's centre for imports and customs says any goods that promote the "culture of Valentine" are to be prohibited from entering the Iranian market.

Iranian customs authorities had said earlier that Valentine's Day is a "clear symbol of anti-religious cultural invasion." They added that the rituals connected with this day "aim to weaken fundamental family values in the Islamic Republic and are promoted by the capitalist agenda of domination."

Referring to Valentine's Day as a "decadent custom", the head of customs stressed that it was the duty of the authorities to cut off the import of any goods that promote this day.

While Valentine's Day has no historical background in Iran, its customs have recently gained some popularity amongst middle-class Iranian youth.

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