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Iran's Messiah ensemble to perform world love songs


Source: Tehran Times

Messiah, an Iranian ensemble led by Assyrian conductor Honiball Yousef, will be giving a concert of world love songs at Tehran's Milad Tower on July 5.

Opera singer Mario Taqaddosi will accompany the ensemble singing a selection of love songs in English, French, Spanish, Germany, Persian, Assyrian, and several other languages, Yousef said in a press conference held here on Saturday.

Maryam, Eastern Ave Maria
Vocal: Yashar Kazemi
Words and Music by Honiball Yousef 

People fall in love and express their love in their own languages, Yousef said, adding that this concert is filled with love and love songs are heard in different languages here.


Songs by Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli have also been selected for performance by Taqaddosi, he added.

In addition, vocalist Rashid Vatandust will be joining the program as a guest singer.

A group of young musicians are also accompanying Yousef in this concert.

Organized by the Institute of Shokuh-e Musiqiy-e Iranian, the ensemble will be giving two performances on the same day.

Messiah - a Georg Fredrick Handel Master Piece
Performed By Messiah Ensemble - Tehran Vahdat Hall 1390 - 2011

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