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Guardian Council: The Iranian Bilderberg

Opinion article by Sina Alavi

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

What the hay is a Bilderberg? Is it some kind of disease like Lou Gehrig?

Actually, for people who live in the Western World, Europe and North America, it is a disease and one that they can't cure.

In reality, Bilderberg is a group of influential elites which control the destiny of "their" people in Europe and North America. This entity called Bilderberg was founded in 1954 in Netherlands, at a Hotel called Bilderberg, Hence the name Bilderberg Group. The main goal of this group is to ensure the power and money stays in the hands of a few who make decisions for the rest of the people by controlling the political, financial, and social activities. Since 1954 this Group has held annual meetings to set the course for the coming year throughout the Western countries and beyond. Some of the other participants in these meetings are Intelligence Services from all major countries in the Western World, including Israel. Needless to say all members of the Group are ardent Zionist.

Bilderberg Group (source:

It sounds like a tall order to control behavior of so many people. But, this Group has been at it for a long time. The creation of this group was probably the final act to complete the machinery for managing the policies for years to come. And, we have witnessed it work up until 2011 when there were some short lived protests by Occupy Wall Street and some other movements.

As far as the elites of Europe were concerned, it was timely and necessary to found the Bilderberg Group. Europe has just come out of the second devastating war and it was in the rebuilding process and the mass communication was growing rapidly which meant people had access to airwaves and they were capable of politically moving in any direction they desired. The Group's main goal was to manage public opinion in a direction that would make them subordinate to the system and the net result would be subservient consumers.

To understand how this was accomplished, we need to go back a few decades, even before the First World War. In Europe's major countries, the financial conglomerate had already established a private central bank, such as Bank of England, even though to this day people of those countries think the central banks are owned by the Government but in reality these banks are owned by Rothschild's and Warburg's. As an interesting side note- Rothschild's were the leader of the British Jewish community who started the work on establishing the State of Israel. At any rate, the only important western country without a central bank was the United States. The United States economy was growing at the tremendous rate surpassing all European countries and the only way for the elites to keep the power and money was to make sure the United States would follow suit and establish a private central bank that was owned by the elites. That would ensure the stream of money through consumption and Taxation will end up in the pockets of the few.

Europeans had tried in the mid 1830's to establish a central bank in the United States but Andrew Jackson had run them out of town at that time. In 1910, the situation was different, with industries growing in America; more American elitist had no respect for the constitution. Their goal was with the help of Rothschild's and Warburg's establish a private central bank. One of the stated goals of this bank was in case of a collapse of the banking system, to shift all the losses from the bank owners to the taxpayers. The only problem was they could not come out and announce establishment of a central bank that was private. So, the European elites along with rich Senators and the Rockefeller's and Morgan's, they held a secret meeting in Jekyll Island to conceive this private bank called Federal Reserve. The intention of picking a name like that was to mislead the public from the fact the bank was private; the same reason central bank of England was Bank of England. And that worked, over a hundred years has passed and most Americans think Federal Reserve is a Government institution where in reality, Federal Reserve is not Federal and there are no reserves. The Federal Reserve Banks are not even banks.

In 1913, American people were hit by two new agencies that changed their lives for years to come. First it was the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment that brought us the IRS. An agency accountable to no one and more powerful than Mafia for collecting taxes on income. Next was a new entity that was conceived on Jekyll Island, called the Federal Reserve. These two new components would play big roles in what the elites had in mind for average citizen in years to come. Also these two agencies along with Treasury Department created triangle which I call the "Debt Triangle", more treacherous than Bermuda triangle.

While these events were taking place in the U.S., Europe was about to get into what is known as World War I or the Great War. A war that was brought to home turf for the reason of inter-imperialist rivalry due to the fact that a little minnow, called Ottoman Empire was breaking up and there were land to grab. The Ottoman Empire was pretty much broken up in the prior century, but the Middle East was taking the center stage as the provider of the energy and WWI provided the mechanism for European powers to take over the land at their will and draw up maps as they wished. Keeping in mind, the Balfour Declaration, that took place in 1917, set the stage for creation of the State of Israel that happened some thirty years later.

During the WWI, European elites were trying to get the U.S. to enter the war. Even the big banks, like JP Morgan, were footing the bill for the U.S. to get into the Great War. This was a common practice of the bankers to finance wars and reap the benefit at the peace time by collecting payments. This was done by the Bank of England which was owned by Rothschild's and France's Rothschild Banking during the England and France one hundred year war. JP Morgan who was a representative of Rothschild's dynasty in the U.S. was trying to implement the same strategy. The only issue was that the sentiment in the U.S. was pro German. The challenge was to change the sentiment of the people towards Germany and make it favorable towards England and France.

To solve this problem, Woodrow Wilson, established a Committee called Committee on Public Information (CPI). This Committee recruited from business, media, academia, and the art world and used advertising techniques to disseminated propaganda on a large scale. They also established 'voluntary guidelines' for the news media. One of the main characters hired by CPI was a Jewish Zionist named, Edward Louis Bernays, who was also Sigmund Freud's nephew, and worked in the field of public relations and propaganda. His mission was to influence public opinion towards supporting American participation in World War I. He was so successful in his work that Americans lined up to go and die in for nothing. Over one hundred thousand Americans died for a war with no peace treaty at the end.

Mr. Bernays was so impressed with his own work that he decided to move on to Madison Avenue and joined Advertising and Public Relations firms. Mr. Bernays who believed people are stupid and not to be trusted, had done a good job while at CPI so he figured he can use the same techniques to fool people in favor of Corporations. As an example of his work for corporation is the work he had done for the tobacco companies. He used techniques like third party advocacy, subliminal message reinforcement, junk science, phony front groups, advocacy advertising, and buying favorable news reporting with advertising dollars. One of his main goals was to get women to smoke and he was able to come up with the message of "freedom" meaning selling cigarettes to women as a symbol of liberation.

Of course, he did not quit helping the Government with their mischiefs. He also takes credit for facilitating the U.S. government to overthrow the democratically elected president of Guatemala, General Jacobo Arbenz Guzman in 1954.

At any rate, Mr. Bernays believed that since people are stupid they were needed to be manipulated by self-appointed superior beings. And, he used his old slogan of "Make the World Safe for Democracy" to brainwash people. He saw his skills as a tool for democratic government. Mr. Bernays effort had the most impact for the Bilderberg Group in later years. He had shown how people can be fooled if you control the media. Since all the media outlets were controlled by the Bilderberg members, it was easy to shape people's opinion as they wished.

The other significant event prior to the establishment of the Bilderberg Group was the Second World War which was another War between the Colonial powers that resulted in the elites and the Zionists in England and France to consolidate power with the help of the United States. By end of the Second World War, a new map of the World has emerged and remained in place up to the breakup of the Soviet Union. This map provided the boundaries for the elites and Zionists to launch their takeover of the Western World citizens.

Let's fast forward to the 21st century. We went back over one hundred years to find the roots of what's called Western Democracy. A phenomenon Westerners pride themselves with and lecture rest of the World. What can be said about the Bilderberg Group is that their goal is to provide comfort and safety for their people, it's just that people are not free to think on their own and of course they should not be aware of the fact they are manipulated by a system that has been devised over past many decades. No human being likes to be told what to do. So, the best solution is to engrain certain beliefs and values in their lives through every aspect of the daily activities. In return, the Group provides better life and security.

Now that we learned about the Bilderberg Group, let's see how the Guardian Council of Iran compares to this. The Iranian Government is relatively a young Government, but they realized early on that they cannot have everyone in position of power. Even amassing money in a wrong hand would endanger the system. Then, the question was how to ensure the power and money stays in the hands of "right" people.

The goal of the Guardian Council is the same as the Bilderberg Group, to define a boundary for people's political activity. But the difference is that the Guardian Council is not providing people with a better life they are looking for- they could blame other countries for sanctions and come up with other reasons, but at the end of the day if you cannot put bread on the table for your family you are not happy. Not only they cannot provide the bread for the people, they cannot even provide the entertainment people need in their lives. On the opposite, they try to regulate people's behavior and dictate morality to people. Compare this to what the Bilderberg Group is providing, following the "Bread and Clown" model, they make sure people in the West are not in any shortage and they are entertained on regular basis, after all the members of the Group own all the media outlets and all the consumer staples companies. And when it comes to regulating people's morality, not only they do not regulate people's behavior, they actually provide what people are looking for. Most Brothels from Spain to Costa Rica to Hamburg to Amsterdam are owned by the Bilderberg Group. The porn industry is owned by the members of the Bilderberg Group.

Before getting to the "Bread and Clown" model, years earlier, the "Guns and butter" model was implemented. Today's version of the "Guns and butter" has been transformed into the "Welfare / Warfare" model to complement the "Bread and Clown" model. The fact is Iranian Government cannot even implement any of these systems. Most glaring difference between the Bilderberg Group and the Guardian Council is their subjects. In the West, people are already programmed to genuinely accept the system as a Democracy, so they really do not question the system. The amazing reality is that people with the highest level of education go to their churches and participate in the election without considering the fact things don't change election after election. Take for example Obama who replaced Bush, what were the big changes he brought in domestic or foreign policy- more drones on faraway peoples, destroying Libya, talks about bombing Syria, modernizing nuke weapons, tightening belts a notch higher for residents in the US, and jacking up police surveillance, let's not forget Tuesday morning meeting to pick the kill list with possible American Citizens on the list- but he does it with a nice smile on this face.

You just wonder, why in a country of over 300 million, the choices in 2008 election were McCain and Obama, or in 2012 the choices were Romney and Obama.

Here is why.

The Bilderberg Steering Committee members met in Chantilly, Virginia, in summer of 2008 and 2012. Ever wonder why they held meetings in the U.S. in those years. Yes, those were the election years. They were here to vet out the front runners as the Primaries were going on. No average American ever knew that Obama and Hillary Clinton disappeared from the campaign trail for forty eight hours. Where did they go? They were meeting with the Bilderberg Group. They had to satisfy the elites before given a green light to move forward. Getting the green light from this group means massive support of their media and lots of money. It is not cheap to become a president in America. It cost Mr. Obama a cool billion for each election. It also would have been awkward for these candidates to fly out of the country mid-election to face the Bilderberg Group for questioning, which may wake the people up as to what's going on behind closed doors.

One may wonder what is it that Bilderberg Group is asking these candidates to do. The answer is very simple. They ask the candidates to pass laws that would favor their corporations with no regards to the impact the new law may have on people's lives and livelihood. The Bilderberg needs these stooges to sell their plans to average Joe. Globalizations, Euro, European Union, and NAFTA are only a few high level policies passed into law which has had profound devastating effect on people.

One of the most recent events that the Bilderberg Group policies are responsible for is the situation in Turkey. For anyone who has traveled to Turkey for the past forty years, it is obvious how this country has progressed. But, this progress is on the surface and it is at the expense of its citizens. If you have lived in Turkey, you would know their citizens are the most patient people with the most modest life style. If these people are speaking up, the oppression must be tremendous. Interesting enough, the only non-western country that has hosted the Bilderberg Group meetings is Turkey. Since its inception, three meetings have been held in Turkey with the last one in 2007. Turkey has been more accommodating to hand over its people to this Group. It is a great demonstration of lack respect for people and their culture. The Government is not even allowing a small green area be left alone for the people, instead it is handing over to the international corporation who only have their profit in mind. Who gives a hoot about people and their history, the bottom line is more important.

The protest in Turkey is very similar, not in essence, but as a reaction to stifling that exits in society, to the Occupy Wall Street. And probably just like the OWS protests, in dismay of many, the one in Turkey will fizzle out. The disappointing part of these protests is that the protesters are barking at the wrong tree, the real problem is that their Governments be it in Turkey or in the U.S. are implementing laws that have been dictated by the elites in the Group. So, these protests erupt with random reaction to some random events and die out without the protesters having any clue on what went on.

The way these events die out is a testimony to the success Bernays had in his controlling people's mind. Bernays did change the world and not for better. He definitely proved that our subconscious is very malleable. 'It was, of course, the astounding success of propaganda during the war that opened the eyes of the intelligent few in all departments of life to the possibilities of regimenting the public mind,' wrote Bernays in his 1928 bombshell Propaganda. 'It was only natural, after the war ended, that intelligent persons should ask themselves whether it was not possible to apply a similar technique to the problems of peace.'"

The mind is perfectly programmed and cannot perceive any other notion but what has been fed year over year through mainstream media; Otherwise, why people would go to voting booth election after election with no difference in results. It's been said if you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result you must be insane.

The question is not how the free world, the Western World, can tolerate and justify an organization like this. The question is what would make people see the reality and realize the whole thing is a canard. There are so many events that should make people skeptical about the whole process that you would think, they will realize that they are being fooled. The current events from Mass Surveillance Projects by the Government over the phone records to AP email Address disclosure or the mining information from Internet companies including Google and Facebook shows the level of paranoia in the Government and how the Government don't event trust their own main stream media.

While the West is maintaining their grip over its citizens, the Iranian Government is having a hard time to manage its people. To prove it, ask anyone in the U.S. about the Bilderberg Group and their role, in all likelihood no one would know what this group is, let alone what their role would be. And if you tell them about this group and try to explain to them what this Group does, they laugh you out. Even if you find a few who may know what the Bilderberg Group is, they would not care- they would rather keep going the way it is. Like in the movie Matrix, they have taken the blue pill and loving it.

Compare that to asking an Iranian about the Guardian Council and what their role is. You don't need to ask them any questions; they will lecture you thoroughly on who they are and what they do. But, still there are too many numbers of people in Iran that they would rather live like Cypher, the character from the Movie Matrix, who willingly was part of the system and loved it.

In conclusion, the task on hand is to not participate in these faux elections and rather spend the time talking to other people about how these systems are stealing their liberty. More people don't vote more the process become illegitimate. The names Guardian Council or the Bilderberg Group can be used interchangeably. We will witness the same shenanigan in the next election here. The Bilderberg Group will be in town sometime in summer of 2016 to make sure the American people vote for the right person. After all people are stupid and need someone to tell them who to vote for. As an interesting point, Mr. Bill Clinton who was the subject of vetting process by this Group back in the year 1992, passed his terms with flying colors by making NAFTA the law of the land, even though the damage done to the American industries were irreparable. Now, Mr. Clinton is a member of the Bilderberg Group. A president who filed for personal bankruptcy while he was in the White House, now his personal wealth is close to a billion dollars.

It is time to exit the Matrix before sucking the life out of us.

For those interested, here is an article I wrote four years ago on this subject and Payvand was kind enough to publish it.


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