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Iranian-American Writer Debuts Graphic Novel Trilogy "Persia Blues"


Popular social network site Pinterest used to present supplementary material

COLUMBUS, OH - New York Times best-selling writer Dara Naraghi and artist Brent Bowman have co-created an epic graphic novel trilogy titled Persia Blues, published by acclaimed New York-based NBM Publishing. The complex, multicultural story features the parallel lives of a resourceful, strong-willed young Iranian woman, and explores the universal themes of tradition, family, guilt, and freedom.

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The series follows Minoo Shirazi from her hometown of Shiraz, Iran to the United States, in pursuit of her graduate studies. The narrative also features an additional layer, with Minoo as a free-spirited adventurer in ancient Persia, where aspects of Persian history, mythology, and the Zoroastrian religion meld to form a unique fantasy landscape. The mystery of these two intertwined settings will ultimately lead Minoo to an important discovery about her true self.

"As an Iranian-American writer, I've always been interested in exploring multicultural themes in my stories, and this series is my most ambitious and personal work to date,” Mr. Naraghi said. “Drawing the series has been a fun challenge, and I feel the research involved in depicting both modern and ancient Iran, as well as the US settings, in accurate terms adds a layer of realism and depth to an already complex story,” added Mr. Bowman.

The book is supported by an official website, In addition, Mr. Naraghi has harnessed the power of the popular social network site Pinterest to present supplementary material on the settings and themes found in the books. Readers can visit for Persian cuisine recipes, photos of modern Iran, articles on ancient Persia, and much more.

Book 1 of Persia Blues, titled “Leaving Home,” is available now at all bookstores, as well as

Dara Naraghi was born in Iran, and educated in the US. His debut graphic novel Lifelike garnered many positive reviews. His other works include the New York Times Bestsellers Terminator Salvation official movie prequel, and Witch & Wizard: Battle for Shadowland, as well as stories for DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW Publishing. Dara is also a founding member of the Columbus-based comic book writers/artists collective known as PANEL. To date, he has contributed stories to (and helped produce) 20 volumes of their comics anthology. Visit him at

Brent Bowman has been drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. His work has appeared in publications by Image Comics and Caliber Press, and has been nominated for the small-press SPACE prize in 2008, 2010 and 2011. He is also a contributing member of PANEL, a Columbus-based comics collective that publishes two anthologies a year. His art is on display at NBM Publishing is a New York-based, critically acclaimed independent graphic novel publisher, founded in 1976. More information at


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