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Iranian Tar virtuoso Jalil Shahnaz dies at 92


Source: Tehran Times

Iranian tar virtuoso Jalil Shahnaz died of natural causes in Tehran's Arad Hospital. He was aged 92. Shahnaz was born in Isfahan in 1921. His father, Shabankhan, was a music enthusiast, and their house was a gathering place for musicians.

Iranian tar virtuoso Jalil Shahnaz in an undated photo

He developed an interest in music at an early age and learned how to play from maestro Abdolhossein Shahnazi and his elder brother Hossein Shahnaz.

He later got to know Hassan Kassaii when he was young. They later became close companions for years. Kassaii (1928-2012) later turned out to be a master of the ney (reed flute).

Shahnaz next moved to Tehran when he was 24 and began his collaboration with Radio Tehran, giving solo performances on the tar.

He also gave numerous performances in different concerts in capital Tehran in former times.


All these years, he collaborated with great masters of music such as Mohammadreza Shajarian, Homayun Khorram, Parviz Yahaqqi, Mohammad Musavi and Faramarz Payvar.

Giant of traditional music Shajarian called the ensemble he was working with after the name of Shahnaz in 2008.

Shahnaz was also keen on violin, santur and tonbak.

Jalil Shahnaz Plays Dashti on Tar

In 2004, Shahnaz was honored as Iran's eternal figure in the art and music category. He also received a Lifetime Achievement Award the same year.

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