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Did Khamenei Hear the People's Call?

Mehdi SaharkhizOpinion article by Mehdi Saharkhiz (source: Rooz Online)

In these last few days different interpretations and analysis about the results of the June 14 presidential election have been written: commentary that refers to an important event - Rowhani's electoral victory - which shocked almost everybody.

Cry of the Ballots - cartoon by Mana Neyestani,

During the four years since the fraud in the last presidential election in 2009, I always wondered for how long can the regime continue exerting pressure on people and still call itself to be their real representative, or till when must people be paws in the grudging game of politics played by the rulers?

Now it appears that Khamenei has for the first time heard the problems of the country through the televised debates from candidates that he himself has approved. These candidates presented such a dark picture of the crises in the country and the future of Iran that it no longer looked like a place to live or a country to be led. The picture was so horrific that Haddad Adel was forced to characterize it as unrealistic. And let's keep in mind how close Haddad is to the supreme leader. It was clear that he was voicing the views of the highest political echelons of the ruling circles in Iran.

In recent years, Khamenei has been only dealing with people who bow in front of him. But now and after the electoral coup of 2009, he learned of the appalling conditions, crises and realities in the country through his own radio and television network and depicted by people closest to him.

Then something that he never thought would happen actually took place: the two political factions who had been fighting each other just a few years stood together while his closest champion could not agree on the simplest of the issues. This produced a huge wave. Many of those who until yesterday called on the public to boycott the elections stood by those who had been for weeks calling on the public to vote. So, people poured in from all corners and voted. The elections that most pundits and laymen felt would go into a second vote ended in the first round albeit with some delays. While technically it wasn't hard to push the elections into a second round, but the direction and quantity of the vote were such that if the elections went into a second round, street parading and campaigns by the pro-reform candidate (Rowhani) would have produced ballot boxes far more shocking and startling than the first round.

It was because of this that the apex of the regime actually heard the loud voices and calls and protests of the public. So now we must wait and see whether Mr. Khamenei will allow change to expand and deepen or not. This is only the beginning. Today, after years again, the will of the nation has prevailed and people are now holding the helm of their country.

People like me, who did not vote, hope that freedom and security shall quickly take over the suffered people of this land. This includes the release and safety of those - such as Mousavi and Karoubi - who have given much for the public.

Now is the time for these two groups, including groups in between them, to express their demands and instead of complaining about each other, and to stand together, united and take unified actions. This can be accomplished despite the differences they have. The present and future of the country can be improved through cooperation, patience, dialog and rational realism.

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