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A solo exhibition of Reza Derkashani at Salsali Museum in Dubai


Source:  Salsali Private Museum, Dubai

Reza Derakshani

Salsali Private Museum is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by critically acclaimed Iranian artist Reza Derakshani from March 18th 2013, opening to coincide with the citywide Art Week.

Renowned for his vibrant, richly-textured canvases, Derakshani draws inspiration from his Iranian heritage, while simultaneously exploring modern-day conceptual and philosophical preoccupations. Marrying a vivid colour palette with esoteric mediums such as tar and sand, Derakshani held his first solo exhibition at the age of nineteen and has since, gone on to captivate critics, collectors and art-lovers worldwide with his unique creations.

In his first solo show at SPM, a selection of Derakshani's renowned abstract-representational paintings are exhibited alongside new works and installations, specially commissioned by SPM. The artist's minimal approach to Iranian history in its past and present form, is rendered here in large-scale fresco-esque works that confront, envelope and seduce the viewer.

In his new pieces, black and white predominate, colour is minimal and the works extend from wall to wall, dissolving into the space, inviting the viewer to linger and experience a full, sensory transformation with them. While continuing to reference traditional Persian iconography, his perception of light and dark lends itself to metaphorical explorations of identity and violence.

Derakshani's story of Iran reveals subtle, symbolic shades of the social, philosophical and humanistic complexity of a tumultuous region, yet the songs of the nightingale and invigorating scent of rose shine through in his work, ensuring there in no dark without light. A master of challenging techniques, Derakshani's dynamic and versatile artistic practice is inextricably linked to his sensory experience of the world.  

Join us for the Salsali Private Museum's solo exhibition showcasing Reza Derakshani's most recent work. Don't miss the chance to see the extraordinary works of this internationally acclaimed artist. The exhibition will open on March 18 and will be on display until August 2013.

Salsali Private Museum
AlSerkal Avenue, Unit 14,
Al Quoz 1, Street 8
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


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