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Iranian architect Abdol Aziz Farman Farmaian dies at 93


Source: Wikipedia & Tavoos

Abdol Aziz Farman-Farmaian, one of the most important figures in the contemporary architecture in Iran, and the creator of Azadi Football Stadium and numerous other projects, died on Friday, June 21, in Spain, at the age of 93.

Abdol Aziz Farman-Farmaian was born is Shiraz in 1920 as the tenth son to Prince Abdol Hossein Mirza Farman-Farma, at the time Governor General of the province of Shiraz.

In 1928, at the age of 8 he was sent to school in France, and he received his architecture degree at Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1950. During the 5o`s, he was given a professorial chair at the Teheran University school of Architecture (Daneshkadeh Honarhaie Ziba), where he taught students architecture.

His most famous works are: Ministry of Agriculture, 22 story headquarters office building, 1976, Teheran Olympic Center (including Azadi Stadium: track and field and football stadium, 100,000 seat stadium with all related facilities with an artificial lake at the north of the complex), 1970, New Niavaran Palace, 1967, Old Niavaran Palace renovation, 1967, Tehran`s Mehr-abad Airport Expansions Program, Carpet Museum in Tehran, 2 floors including exhibition hall, research library and carpet treatment facilities, 1978, and many other projects.


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