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Iranian activists call for release of exiled sociologist


Source: Radio Zamaneh

380 Iranian activists from various walks of life have issued a protest letter against the jail and exile sentence handed to sociologist Saeed Madani, who is a fellow activist.

Saeed Madani

Kaleme reports that the letter says the people's political statement of recent weeks should have been a clear message to those in power to stop arrests and incarcerations that violate people's freedom. However, the letter goes on to add that the security forces are continuing to put the interests of the powerful ahead of honesty and the protection of human rights.

Saeed Madani has been handed a six-year sentence in exile and an additional 10-year exile in Bandar Abbas for "acting against national security and propaganda against the regime."

The statement goes on to add that, as activists from different walks of life, they are calling for the release of Saeed Madani and "look forward to his return to the hopeful community of academics and anticipate changes in the current approach to such activists."

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